Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So not a whole loit happened this week. So I'll just send all my pictures and stuff. Oh! one cool thing happened. I dont remember if I said anything but a few weeks ago the other greenie and I went on exchanges and met this guy who was a "golden investigator" and invited us to his non-denominational bible study friday night. I was really excited, like I found someone that was about to be baptized. but it was in the other missionaries area, and they were expecting a bible bash trap. but the guy was really nice, and their bible study went good. They didnt get a whole lot of chances to talk about the church. They went back the next week and found out on their way there that the guy was a member of another church, and his job in that church was to waste the missionaries time, and this week he was going to get caught up on "the sabbath being on Sunday." So they went in knowing this, and it happened. They tried to show him with the scriptures, and they told me he almost cried when they were testifying and stuff. Yeah. So Elder Gunter came back and prepared a whole thing on why the sabath is on sunday (because Christ was resurected on a sunday duhhh) and he's going back next friday to slap him in the face with it. so yeah. Its picture time!
a picture from college. I never want to lose it. hahaha.

me and my roommates from college in the MTC at the same time

my mtc district. 

a tag in Malagasi (Madagascar)

me, Sister Wong(malaysia), and Elder Slater (Madagascar)

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