Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daniel vs Gilbert... Round Two!

From: Eric Feller <>
Mon, Nov 21, 2011 19:06:26 GMT+00:00
Hello again from Gilbert! Right now I'm sitting in a Library I sat in 7 Months ago. I am back in the Gilbert Zone, but this time a few miles down the street in the Gilbert Stake. Last transfer they made a new area out of two areas and put an Elder who had been a Zone Leader in there to train for his last transfer. So now I'm finishing training, and I cant spell his name yet so I'll get it next week.
Sorry I'm a little late this morning, we just came from a funeral for the daughter of an investigator of ours that I haven't met yet. It was at Sun Valley Community Church, so now I can say I've been to another church on my mission. It was a nice service.. very interesting. Not too much to say about it. They had some songs, the pastor spoke, some family spoke. It was really nice. When we were all filing out I did shake the pastor's hand and say thanks... Only because he looked to my tag and then at me! He held a smile though, so I don't think he cared. He might not have even really noticed.
We had one last lesson with Ada on Tuesday before I left. It went well. She's really getting there...
Not much is happening here in Gilbert. I haven't even taught a lesson yet. They just made the area out of parts of two not so productive areas.. So its struggling right now. But things are looking up, as always. The stake is pretty good about focusing on missionary work. Now I just have to channel all of that into effectiveness. Sometimes I feel like I've figured out this missionary thing, but then its hard to translate that into actual output because you cant just go into a place and tell them what to do. That was a huge lesson I've learned, and I feel like that's a place where I succeeded in my last area. I waited until they trusted me, and then when the time was right, they were open and everything was implemented. So we're working.
I will really miss my last district. They were an awesome group of missionaries, full of excitement and enthusiasm. But they'll still do good.
Elder Feller
Mesa Second District: Elders, Koons, Cunningham, Netzley, Feller, Asay & Collins. Sisters, Farthing, Corbett, Baggett & Parker.
Elder Krueger and I at Transfers.
Elder Cunningham and I
The district again, except blurry. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Daniel vs The World

Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 13:53:02 -0700

We did pretty bad last week so I was going crazy this week. We were able to get a lot more lessons and had a much better week. But! We got word last night that I was getting transferred again! These past six weeks have gone crazy fast! Its like every transfer goes faster! Also, Elder Cunningham is training! I think I was more excited than him because that makes me a "Mom" (You train, you're a dad, your comp trains, you're the mom) Whooo! The transfer results for my district were pretty funny too. One Sister is leaving, and one set of Elders is both leaving, (we dont know why) and he's going to be a DL. The other set of sisters is staying, and its funny because Sis. Corbett started her mission here, got transferred to Yuma, and then is back here! And the other elders are staying too, and Elder Koons started his mission in the area next to him, and 8 months later got transferred to where he's at, and now he's still there. He'll be in the same stake for over a year!

Last P-day we had a Tri-Zone BBQ at a park near our house with Tempe and Gilbert Zones. So a lot of my friends were there! It was pretty fun, but kind of cold. I almost got ran over after I tripped when we were playing football. It was super scary. I also got to hang out with Elder Lesh one last time, because he goes home tomorrow! But he's sending me a famous tie of his, named "Handicapped Hercules." Get excited to see pictures. Also when we were about to leave, I stood up on the table and said "Oh captain my captain!" It was pretty funny, I have to admit. Also, the sister from New Zealand found out that some words are bad in America, and she also found out this week that the USA doesn't like France.

But anyways. We had a crazy, two and a half hour lesson with Ada this week. Because when we went over on Thursday night, she told us she summed up all her questions to "Where did we come from, why are we here, and where are we going" and wanted to answer them with the Bible and Book of Mormon to show that they were the same. After told us the questions we just stared at her for a second and I started laughing. She was confused and we asked here where she got those questions. She just came up with them! And we explained that those were common questions that the church definitely has answers for. We also explained that it asked and answered those exact questions in Preach My Gospel. So the next day we went over and had the 2.5 hour lesson where we answered the questions and explained the Restoration and priesthood authority. Her exact words when she understood it was like "this is like Lord of the Rings!!" So we're still working on it.

I've grown a lot this week, or at least recognized it. I was on exchanges with one of our Zone Leaders and I was really stressed because I didn't know where the ward mission leader lived and we were going around in circles. I felt judged and embarased, and I was letting my anxiety get the best of me. Then we find out where its at and we start going there and talk to this guy on the way. Of course, he was stupid, and I got frustrated and didn't do the best job talking to him. I tried really hard, but didn't sound confident at all. And before and after that, my zone leader was just telling me to be calm and confident, which made me more mad, so we went and met with the WML and I taught him how we can improve the missionary work in his ward, motivate the ward council, and set up a ward mission plan that will actually work. I kinda focused all my frustrations into it, so it went really well. Afterwards, my zone leader said, "now I see the true leadership of Elder Feller." Then something clicked. So I decided I needed to play my strengths more, and that all my struggles with this area were from trying to do it a way I wasn't good at. So with all that motivation, I set up a meeting with my whole district at a restaurant we go to some Saturdays that feeds us for free, and I taught them everything I knew about how to establish a successful ward, which is something I've been struggling though and working on my entire mission, and at this point, is something I can say that I understand a lot about. The entire mission is having tons of problems with getting members into missionary work, and its so important because that's where absolutely all our success comes from. But the problem is that the missionaries know just as much as the members, nothing. But now my district now understands how to do it, and we'll be doing it again at or after district meeting tomorrow.

Then, last night we talked to this lady on the street somewhere, and it was the best OYM we've had this whole transfer, and maybe the best of my mission. She genuinely listened and wanted to know what we believed. She told us about her experiences in Iraq with the national guard and about a lot of stuff. She asked good questions, and got good answers. When I offered her a Book of Mormon, I reached into my bag and I didnt have one! I already gave it away! But my companion did so we were good. haha. But she even wrote down when our appointment was for. It was really cool. Its always motivating when you talk to someone who is awesome.

That's all the interesting things for this week.


Elder Feller

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daniel vs The Cold!

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 13:25:01 -0700

We went from busy last week to nothing this week. All our potentials are falling through and we're basically down to two investigators. One of which was dodging us all last week... But we finally got in contact and are going to set something up soon.

Its getting really cold in Arizona! Its like 60's outside right now. I had to wear a jacket last night while we were biking. I was freezing cold and then I realized that I couldn't even see my breath... So in reality it wasn't that cold... But I'm not used to that. It was 115 for too long!

We've had a lot of meetings with our ward leaders this week. We're really trying to get stuff going in the wards. Yes, again. But they've been good. We're trying to keep up the momentum to get it all rolling, and they some of them seem to be excited about getting it done. That's the most effective thing we can be doing.

Ada is still doing really well. She was sick, so she couldn't make it to church this week. But we had two good lessons with her, where we talked a lot about the questions she had and what we can do to help her get baptized. She doesnt feel like she's repented of her issues with her family, and so she doesn't feel worthy to be baptized. Plus, we have to work on her testimony of the restoration... But we're getting there.

Everything else is cruising along. Transfers are next week, so we'll see what happens.


Getting Elder Cunningham's bike welded.