Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Daniel vs Gilbert... Round Two!

From: Eric Feller <>
Mon, Nov 21, 2011 19:06:26 GMT+00:00
Hello again from Gilbert! Right now I'm sitting in a Library I sat in 7 Months ago. I am back in the Gilbert Zone, but this time a few miles down the street in the Gilbert Stake. Last transfer they made a new area out of two areas and put an Elder who had been a Zone Leader in there to train for his last transfer. So now I'm finishing training, and I cant spell his name yet so I'll get it next week.
Sorry I'm a little late this morning, we just came from a funeral for the daughter of an investigator of ours that I haven't met yet. It was at Sun Valley Community Church, so now I can say I've been to another church on my mission. It was a nice service.. very interesting. Not too much to say about it. They had some songs, the pastor spoke, some family spoke. It was really nice. When we were all filing out I did shake the pastor's hand and say thanks... Only because he looked to my tag and then at me! He held a smile though, so I don't think he cared. He might not have even really noticed.
We had one last lesson with Ada on Tuesday before I left. It went well. She's really getting there...
Not much is happening here in Gilbert. I haven't even taught a lesson yet. They just made the area out of parts of two not so productive areas.. So its struggling right now. But things are looking up, as always. The stake is pretty good about focusing on missionary work. Now I just have to channel all of that into effectiveness. Sometimes I feel like I've figured out this missionary thing, but then its hard to translate that into actual output because you cant just go into a place and tell them what to do. That was a huge lesson I've learned, and I feel like that's a place where I succeeded in my last area. I waited until they trusted me, and then when the time was right, they were open and everything was implemented. So we're working.
I will really miss my last district. They were an awesome group of missionaries, full of excitement and enthusiasm. But they'll still do good.
Elder Feller
Mesa Second District: Elders, Koons, Cunningham, Netzley, Feller, Asay & Collins. Sisters, Farthing, Corbett, Baggett & Parker.
Elder Krueger and I at Transfers.
Elder Cunningham and I
The district again, except blurry. 

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  1. I can't believe you have served in two zones twice! That is funny! This will be a great area for you and you will do lots to help the people there! Good luck!