Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daniel vs Interviews!

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:59:35 -0700

Hello all. I'm emailing from the wonderful land of Show Low, Arizona today because we drove into Zone HQ early this morning for zone pday. Because our ride left for Show Low at 6:30...

This week was interesting. Not too much happened. Untill monday! We got 2 new investigators. One is married to a less active lady, who is only less active because of her job. But we went to his house and met with him and talked a lot about the church. He told us he likes it and stuff, but he also see how committed people have to be. That and he's mexican and likes his beer, According to him. But he did ask us what he would have to do to join the church. Pretty cool. The other new investigator is a guy we met outside of an investigators house. He's her friend. Even though she's kinda special... He's fine, and hopefully pretty solid. A family in town has already been fellowshiping him. But being themselves, apparently don't want the missionaries getting a hold of him. They've done this a lot before. There was a girl who was really really solid, and she came to church every week, but she wouldnt meet with us because he said she wasnt ready, and she'd let us know. Now she moved. If we could've taught her we could've baptized her for sure. :(

The only other interesting thing that happened this week was interviews. President Howes came up to Show Low and we all got interviewed by him. And trained by our AP's and Zone Leaders. My interview with president was good. I didnt really know what to talk about so it was short. But he told me I know what I need to do to improve as a missionary, so just do it. Which is true. I'm also a little sick and he asked me why and I said, "oh I get sick every year when it starts to get cold." Then I realized what I just said... then he said, "oh well then we'll have to put you some place warm." Shoooot. I might get kicked off the mountains next transfer! But hopefully not. The Zone Leaders were doing transfer recommendations this morning when we got to their house, and they asked us what we wanted and we told them to keep me and Elder Russ in Saint Johns and combine the areas. So hopefully in a week we'll be in charge of the missionary work in a whole city... even if its small. hahaha. It would be a lot of fun.

I hope everyone heard about the groundbreaking of the Rome temple! And they revealed what it will look like!

Here's a link:

Its pretty cool. I almost wish the architecture was more traditional Italian style. Like the Vatican and the rest of Rome and stuff... But whatever. It looks good. That will be a really cool place to go!

Gotta go,

Elder Feller.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daniel vs Slowing Down For Winter

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 12:25:29 -0700

Sorry this email is late, we were at the Snowflake AZ Temple this morning. Pretty cool.
This week was not nearly as exciting as last week. It has kinda been hard for me and my companion. Actually, for all four missionaries in Saint Johns. The town is really shutting down. The other missionaries have baptized pretty much all their investigators, and the people we were planning on baptizing this transfer have moved, or are moving. Which is really frustrating for me... Just becuase I've been out three months and feel like I havent done too much yet. I'm getting anxious! Oh man, did I just say three months!? Yeah, tomorrow, the 21'st, I'll have been on my mission for three months! That's 1/8th of the way there, and I can definitely do this seven more times.

So yeah, speaking of time flying, transfers is coming up again in 2 weeks. My prediction: They're going to recombine the whole town of Saint Johns to just two missionaries... because there's not the work for four of them anymore (and probably wasn't before). I'm thinking.. or at least hoping, that they'll have me and my companion just absorb the other side of town. But if that doesn't happen then I want to go back down to the Valley, so I can get more teaching opportunities. But I'm confident in my guessing, and I'll tell you why:

1. My companion has moved around a lot recently, and they probably wont move him after one transfer again.

2. I still know our area better than he does

3. Elder Gunter on the other side has been up in Saint Johns for 7 and a half months... so its about time for him to move. And his companion has been here a few days .... because they had to mix up some missionaries because the one we have up here totaled two mission cars and neither one of his companionship could drive.

4. I know Elder Gunter's area a little bit, because of exchanges and listening to him plan every night.

But at the same time, our Ward Mission Leader, Chad, told The Mission office that I'm now "competent"... So they might move me. So I really have no idea, But they probably will combine this area.

gaah boring boring stuff. Here's something better: We taught a really good lesson to this native american family, the Littlehat's. Hahaha. The husband wasnt there so we changed our plan. They're really promising, they really want to get to church, they're just a little busy. They'll probably be there next week. They're really golden, if we get them to church, and get them to read the Book of Mormon, they'll definitely be converted. Its hard because most of the people we already teach already know about Jesus and everything, but they don't because they grew up on an Indian Reservation.

Joe the atheist is a tough one too. We taught him an awesome lesson, and we could tell he felt the spirit, but then he did his thing where he distracts from the spirit with a history lesson! We're going to get him eventually!

We're going to Baptize an 8 year old girl pretty soon. Because she's 8 it doesn't count for the mission stats. But we are reactivating her parents... which is really good. But that doesnt count for our mission stats. We just taught her because her mom wanted her to know whats going on. But we brought the spirit to her home and so the parents are starting to come back.

Oh, I mentioned earlier that every one of the baptisms we were going to get moved. One of them we go to almost quit smoking, and we were going to baptize him right before he moved, but now he's to busy, and we haven't met with him to much.. so its not going to happen. One GOLDEN 20 year old girl we were going teach and baptize moved. It was so promising because her boyfriend got out of jail and was completely converted. He even bore his testimony in church about how to Book of Mormon helped him over come his addictions, and changed his life.She was really touched by his testimony and wants to learn now, but they moved! Then a 9 year old girl and her less active mom disappeared! They were impossible to get a hold of and now we haven't seen anyone at their house for weeks.

That's pretty much it for this week...


Elder Daniel Feller

Letter from Aunt Katie

Dave and I have been watching Chuck at night after we put the kids to bed. They know how Chuck is all about being super spies and going on missions. One night Dave let them watch a little bit of Chuck before they went to bed. Knowing that it was about to get violent (more than some light Kung Fu) I told the kids that they had to go to bed. They were very upset and kept begging to stay up so that they could see what happened. I told them that Chuck was a grown up show and they could watch it when they got older. Lincoln kept insisting that he needed to watch the end of the episode and see what happened. I kept saying that he didn't. Finally, frustrated he announced that he had to watch the end of Chuck's first mission or he was never going to find out what Daniel did on his mission! It was then that I realized that the clear distinction between a "spy mission" and a "gospel mission" were not being recognized. I had to stifle my laughter as I explained the difference, and that no Daniel didn't carry a gun or get to kick people in the face. I'm pretty sure he's thinking differently about singing "I hope they call me on a mission" again.  =)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Pictures!

Me rockin' the High Priest Two-tone to district meeting

Me playing golf

Elder Gunter playing golf

So close...

Teaching Seminary

The Joseph Smith ring

On my hand

Daniel vs The Crazies & Pictures!

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 12:12:51 -0600

Soooooooo This last week was insane! A lot of weird stuff happened. I dont even remember all of it right now. Golfing was fun last week. I borred some left handed clubs.. We're going again today because its free, but I dont have the clubs so I'll probably just race the cart. But there are pictures! Yes, I have my camera this week.
We taught some cool lessons this week! There was a 8 year old girl, who's parents are less active, but I think the mom wants to come back. I dont know about the dad.. he seems weird about it. But we're going to ask if he would be interested in baptizing her, maybe that will get him fired up...
Then there was "Joe the Athiest Guy." we call him that because we dont know his last name.. But he's really nice to us. I might have mentioned him before, but he always lets us in his house and talks to us about stuff.. And he talks a lot! But he used to be a catholic and a bible school teacher but he became athiest because he was going to a crazy church, people werent living what they said, and he felt like God wasnt answering his prayers. Now he's a communist, humanist, old single man because his wife left him a while after becoming athiest. But he says he doesnt believe in Jesus, but you can tell he loves his teachings and probably wants to believe in him. He talks about him with much more respect, reverance and love than when he talks about other religions.
On thursday we're going to tackle his testimony of Jesus, and answer why God lets bad things happen... oooh man. I know he's not going to like the answer, because he's communist. but "Its all about free will baby" in the words of Kolby Larsen, a college roommate.
Then last thursday we had dinner with this kinda less active guy, who we had to go and entertain and be really nice too... but he made us really late to our appointment with the "Littlehats" a native american family. We finaly got to the lesson and we begged for forgiveness, and they let us in and Elder Russ started sharing what we call "The paper cross" where you make a cross by folding a paper and then tearing it. He forgot how to do it, but didnt want to look stupid, so he kept going, winged it and it worked out ok. hahaha it was funny, but they're a really nice family so we didnt look too silly... well at least they didnt care.
THEN! On friday we did my favorite thing ever.. we taught seminary! All day! 6 Class periods. The earliest was at 7 in the morning. pshh, not early enough. But we had a lot of fun. We were told the classes would have a lot of deep questions for us, so we let them each write a question on a peice of paper and ask us. This idea wasnt as fun and succesfull as we thought... but it was still good for some of the kids. Then we winged it from there. In 0 hour, we taught the first lesson to the kids, but then switched it half way though to the second lesson because a non member was in the class and asked question that guieded the discussion that way. it was really cool. We went from the Restoration of Christ's Gospel to The Plan of Salvation very smoothly. Then the other classes we did different weird stuff. But the last class.. get ready because this was really good, in the last class after we all introduce ourselves my companion gets up and tells the whole class he has found out that the Church isnt true, and he cant live telling people false things any more... Yeah, it got completely silent in the room, you should have seen the looks on these kid's faces. They all had their mouths wide open. Then Elder Gunter gets up and says, what can we say to make Elder Russ believe again. Then he split the class into four groups and each of them convinced one of us that the Church was true. My group didnt really know what to do so I helped them a little bit. But they got it, and bore testimony, and felt the spirit, and felt that I felt the spirit. So it was an awesome class. Then we let them ask questions and they had some really good ones. We really want to go back and help those kids more with missionary work and stuff. Teach them what to do and how to feel the spirit. Because a lot of those kids were just like whatever, and didnt really have a good testimony. So hopefully the teacher will let us go back!
On Saturday I cut wood for the first time. I guess people in the country do that to survive in the winter time... We thought some people were going to be there but they werent. So we cut wood anyways. THEN! There was a house fire next to someone we know really well, but we thought it was her house so we flew over there and saw it wasnt. It was crazy though.. the craziest thing to happen in Saint Johns in a while.
On Monday, We got the brilliant idea to go tracting east of town where all the crazies live. We took a Ward Mission Leader with us, and he brought a gun... and almost needed it. He got the feeling (the spirit) we should tract this one house of this guy he's heard bad stuff about. We drove up to this RV and got out of the car, when this lady came out, with her husband behind her, and said hi, introduced herself and then said "You guys came at the wrong time, he has been hitting me..." and started crying and went on and on, using some bad word I wont repeat. We all looked at the guy and he explained that she was a little mental and had been drinking a lot and popping his vikadin. We didnt know what to do... but we knew something wasnt right about the situation. The guy left to go get his mom to calm his wife down, and we just called the Sherif. 30 mins later, they were all back and we were cleared to go. I think they took her into town to a therapy place. I dont really know what was going on, in my opinion it was a little bit on both sides... But I'm glad we got there in time and stopped whatever was happening. oh! Also, I forgot, while we were waiting for the cops and that guy to come back, he put his half pitbull half lab dog in his car, but while we were relaxin', maxin' and actin' all cool, the dog kicked the car into nuteral and it started rolling down a small hill and into a tree. My companion saw this start and goes "Chad... Chad!.. CHAD!" to  tell the guy with us this was happening. He hopped off the truck, grabbed the door and tried to open, saw the dog go for him, and slammed the door. then it hit the tree. it was awesome...
OH I also ordered this ring from the book store in the town next to us that we go to for District Meeting every monday, and I finally got it! Its the ring Joseph Smith wore all the time, and used to demonstrate eternity in the "King Follet Discorse" (Which I highly recomend reading) Its a silver ring with a circle engraved in it. It also has Joseph's signature on the inside. I sent a picture. Its pretty cool. My companion had one, so me and Elder Gunter thought it was awesome so we got some. His is gold mine is silver. Well, I mean color, they're both Stainless steel.
One more thing! I heard you can buy Tie Bags on ebay for cheap. Because a lot of thrift stores dont have them. So like a million polyester ties for 15 bucks. Haha. That would always be a good gift! hahaa.
Alright, we're about to go golfing again.. So I'll finish sending pictures.
See Ya,
Elder Daniel Feller
Our truck in the middle of no where, gettin' dirty and doing service.

I drew this on the whiteboard, from the book "The Book of Mormon on Trial."

My companion burning his 1 year mark shirt!

This is what some good ties look like. Just some examples.

We made Elk Burgers. They were way good.

Some more good ties

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daniel vs An Average Week

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 10:54:12 -0700

Nothing much happened this week... It was pretty routine. We visited people, tried to teach, ect.
I forgot my camera today again... I had some good pictures... Next time!
Uhhh. What else... My new companion is great! We get a long really well, even though he's a little weird, but I still love him. I'm learning some more good stuff. I think I had a not good first companion so I could learn to do stuff my self, its tough, but I'm working on it. We're not doing to bad, but I hope things really pick up soon. We're doing a lot better but its still hard. There's next to nothing to do during the afternoon... But in the evenings its hard to decide who to visit sometimes! but as soon as 8 o clock hits its hard again. People go to bed early in this little town!
We have these cottage meetings every once in a while, and they're really nice. They get investigators and less active people together, eat food and have some spiritual thoughts and stuff. The next one is going to be at this part member families house, which is really good. We're hoping to get this lady's husband into the gospel!
We went to teach at the Jail the other day! We're going back soon. Probably tomorrow. But my companion was looking for someone there from his old area, and ended up finding someone else he knew on accident, and he didnt want the guy to know that he wasn't coming in to look for him, so he didn't tell me he knew him, but he said just before he walked into the library that it wasnt the guy... so I was very confused the whole time, and I said the closing prayer and called him the wrong name... hahaha. oops. But we're probably going back tomorrow.
Also, we're trying to teach this Mexican guy who lives way out in the middle of nowhere. We stopped by the other day, he was kinda busy but we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it. So we're going to go out there soon and talk to him about it.
Elder Gunter was gone a few days in Tempe, being trained, so we had to work with his companion in both of our areas. It was a little stressful.. I don't like having 2 companions and two areas. Especially when the Elder over the other area doesn't really know whats going on. But at the same time it was pretty fun, and I think we helped out the other greenie a lot.
uhhh. I tried the "cowpuncher" at Speedy B's. It wasnt as good as the original "Speedy B's Burger" ... and again I got confused because in Arizona they call Green Chili different stuff. I thought it was going to be like Salsa Verde. But they took a huge green pepper and flopped it on the top of my sandwich... hahaha. Yeah, Arizona is weird....
We're about to go golfing for P-Day!
So until next week,
Love Elder Feller.

Daniel vs The Best Week Ever

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:30:54 -0700

This whole last week was awesome. I got a new companion, but stayed in the same area. His name is Elder Russ. He's from Ashville North Carolina. He's a convert of two years, and has been out for one year. He's a little weird and goofy, but he's a really good missionary. I love him... especially in comparison. The first two days he was here we got four new investigators, after a whole transfer of no new investigators. Now that I have a companion that's actually trying to do something, instead of just doing it, we're getting stuff done. We're had a lot of progress with our investigators and stuff now. One guy, who has a smoking problem, finally read the Book of Mormon, and now he wants to get baptized before he moves... in one month. We decided to give him a blessing to be able to stop smoking... we're going to check up on him tonight. We also finally started teaching this 8 year old girl, who's parents are less active and she really wants to get baptized. She is really smart, knows all the answers to the questions we ask her, and actually is  interested in the lessons, unlike most kids. She asks if we can do more than one every time we go over. We're hoping to reactivate their family so her dad can baptize her, but I don't know if that's something he'd be interested in yet.
We talked to these nuns the other day. They asked Elder Russ what he was up to and he said "Nothing Much" and they said "Good, I'm glad you're not doing anything." They were rude nuns! So he messed with them a little bit and we left.
A lot of people have commented on how they can tell I'm happier and stuff now that I'm with Elder Russ. Its weird, but cool.
Old People have the best answers to the famous missionary question, "How's it going?" My favorite response was "Round and Round", They never just say, "good" like most people.
Missionaries all listen to the same music. A lot of its pretty good. Most people have the Joseph Smith Nashville Tribute CD. Its a country CD about Joseph Smith, its really good. Then some random other cd's. Elder Russ has the BYU ocapella group, Vocal Point, doing all these primary songs. Its really cool.

Thats pretty much it... Missionary work is a lot of fun. 

The pictures are the "missionary wall" at our Ward Mission Leader's machine shop. You get your name up there if you do service for him. I wrote really big on accident...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daniel vs Transfers!

From: Eric Feller;
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 17:56:59
Subject: Daniel vs Transfers!

Soooooooo a week ago we went to the "Vernon Caves" for P-day. Naturally I forgot my camera. But the opening was really small and the caves were muddy. But it was pretty cool. Once you get through the tiny opening, and crawl for 20 yards though a few inches of water, it opends up and its pretty cool. I'll try to get a picture from someone.

This whole week we did a lot of service... because we dont have to much else to do.. mostly because my companion didnt want to. We went out to our Ward Mission Leaders property waaay out east of town, still in our area, and helped him cut road and do some other stuff. We cut the road by dropping the gate on his trailer and standing on it while he drove. It was hard to stay on, and I got really dusty. Then we visited his neighbor and offered to help him build a fence. He's a cool guy, he did missionary work for 12 years.. on his own, no church, just road tripping arround mexico, going to prisons and stuff. We're hoping to be able to teach him, and we're helping him with his fence tomorrow. We also helped someone roof their house, and some other stuff.
So it was a pretty boring week. And I got my Missionary tan looking so good. I'm two toneing my skin, with a bright white center, and mexican brown arms and face. My neck took a beating because I was used to wearing collared shirts, and I was dressed down for service.

Theeeeeen transfer calls came on monday! Last week I made a big deal about how my companion wasnt qualified. and its true, but its not like I'm super pissed about it or anything. Its just a set back and I guess I learned stuff from it.. Like what kind of missionary I never want to be. I dont hate him, I just dont have anything good to say about him. But I'm getting a new companion! The one I went on exchanges with before... I'm a little worried, because he's an ok guy, but he's a little weird and goofy. I hope we do ok, and turn this area arround! My companion is not too happy about leaving Saint Johns. Elder Gunter was made the new District Leader. He's been out 9 months.. haha, thats crazy! But I think the same thing happened to Brandon. But he's a good missionary. When I was having problems with my companion, he told me he'd adopt me. I thought he meant he was going to be my new companion, and he might have thought that too.. But he still lives with me, so I'll have him train me a little bit.
Apparently the tuesday before transfers is called "Apostate Tuesday" where you visit all the people you're going to miss from the area. But we still did service and missionary work. We just hung out with Chad for an hour at night, because my comp is really going to miss him.

Uhh we dont know what we're doing this lovely p-day. But we're gonna eat at this restraunt in town that gives us free food a couple times a month. Speedy-B's. Such a good hamburger. I usually get the Speedy B's burger: Hamburger, White Cheese, Onion Rings, Bacon, and Avacado. oooh man. its so good. Today I think I'm going to try the "Cow Puncher" .. I'll tell you how that goes.
Some people have asked me, "how can I tell an ugly tie from an awesome tie?" The trick is how interesting it is. If it looks cool then its not and "ugly tie" even if you would never wear it to a job interview. The poly ties I like have cool paterns in stipes usually. If its floral patterns or like.. I dont even know.. "ancient greek" looking patterns, I guess. Whatever. I just want ties!

Oh and in closing, Chad predicted me to be a "6 month-er" Which means I'll be in Saint Johns for 6 mothns. I dont know.. That would be cool though! Elder Gunter has been here 6 and is going to be here another transfer, so at least 7 and a half months.. posibly 9 months. haha

The Pictures are my pants after the caves. I stayed pretty clean. And then some cool Native American pottery shards I found on Chad's property. I found a ton, but only took stuff with writing on it. And I found Chad a huge grinding stone, and said he could have it because he likes that stuff. He told me these rocks were dinosaur skin, and a tooth. I kept it because holy crap I have pieces of dinosaur! but I dont know if he's messing with me or not...