Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daniel vs The Crazies & Pictures!

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 12:12:51 -0600

Soooooooo This last week was insane! A lot of weird stuff happened. I dont even remember all of it right now. Golfing was fun last week. I borred some left handed clubs.. We're going again today because its free, but I dont have the clubs so I'll probably just race the cart. But there are pictures! Yes, I have my camera this week.
We taught some cool lessons this week! There was a 8 year old girl, who's parents are less active, but I think the mom wants to come back. I dont know about the dad.. he seems weird about it. But we're going to ask if he would be interested in baptizing her, maybe that will get him fired up...
Then there was "Joe the Athiest Guy." we call him that because we dont know his last name.. But he's really nice to us. I might have mentioned him before, but he always lets us in his house and talks to us about stuff.. And he talks a lot! But he used to be a catholic and a bible school teacher but he became athiest because he was going to a crazy church, people werent living what they said, and he felt like God wasnt answering his prayers. Now he's a communist, humanist, old single man because his wife left him a while after becoming athiest. But he says he doesnt believe in Jesus, but you can tell he loves his teachings and probably wants to believe in him. He talks about him with much more respect, reverance and love than when he talks about other religions.
On thursday we're going to tackle his testimony of Jesus, and answer why God lets bad things happen... oooh man. I know he's not going to like the answer, because he's communist. but "Its all about free will baby" in the words of Kolby Larsen, a college roommate.
Then last thursday we had dinner with this kinda less active guy, who we had to go and entertain and be really nice too... but he made us really late to our appointment with the "Littlehats" a native american family. We finaly got to the lesson and we begged for forgiveness, and they let us in and Elder Russ started sharing what we call "The paper cross" where you make a cross by folding a paper and then tearing it. He forgot how to do it, but didnt want to look stupid, so he kept going, winged it and it worked out ok. hahaha it was funny, but they're a really nice family so we didnt look too silly... well at least they didnt care.
THEN! On friday we did my favorite thing ever.. we taught seminary! All day! 6 Class periods. The earliest was at 7 in the morning. pshh, not early enough. But we had a lot of fun. We were told the classes would have a lot of deep questions for us, so we let them each write a question on a peice of paper and ask us. This idea wasnt as fun and succesfull as we thought... but it was still good for some of the kids. Then we winged it from there. In 0 hour, we taught the first lesson to the kids, but then switched it half way though to the second lesson because a non member was in the class and asked question that guieded the discussion that way. it was really cool. We went from the Restoration of Christ's Gospel to The Plan of Salvation very smoothly. Then the other classes we did different weird stuff. But the last class.. get ready because this was really good, in the last class after we all introduce ourselves my companion gets up and tells the whole class he has found out that the Church isnt true, and he cant live telling people false things any more... Yeah, it got completely silent in the room, you should have seen the looks on these kid's faces. They all had their mouths wide open. Then Elder Gunter gets up and says, what can we say to make Elder Russ believe again. Then he split the class into four groups and each of them convinced one of us that the Church was true. My group didnt really know what to do so I helped them a little bit. But they got it, and bore testimony, and felt the spirit, and felt that I felt the spirit. So it was an awesome class. Then we let them ask questions and they had some really good ones. We really want to go back and help those kids more with missionary work and stuff. Teach them what to do and how to feel the spirit. Because a lot of those kids were just like whatever, and didnt really have a good testimony. So hopefully the teacher will let us go back!
On Saturday I cut wood for the first time. I guess people in the country do that to survive in the winter time... We thought some people were going to be there but they werent. So we cut wood anyways. THEN! There was a house fire next to someone we know really well, but we thought it was her house so we flew over there and saw it wasnt. It was crazy though.. the craziest thing to happen in Saint Johns in a while.
On Monday, We got the brilliant idea to go tracting east of town where all the crazies live. We took a Ward Mission Leader with us, and he brought a gun... and almost needed it. He got the feeling (the spirit) we should tract this one house of this guy he's heard bad stuff about. We drove up to this RV and got out of the car, when this lady came out, with her husband behind her, and said hi, introduced herself and then said "You guys came at the wrong time, he has been hitting me..." and started crying and went on and on, using some bad word I wont repeat. We all looked at the guy and he explained that she was a little mental and had been drinking a lot and popping his vikadin. We didnt know what to do... but we knew something wasnt right about the situation. The guy left to go get his mom to calm his wife down, and we just called the Sherif. 30 mins later, they were all back and we were cleared to go. I think they took her into town to a therapy place. I dont really know what was going on, in my opinion it was a little bit on both sides... But I'm glad we got there in time and stopped whatever was happening. oh! Also, I forgot, while we were waiting for the cops and that guy to come back, he put his half pitbull half lab dog in his car, but while we were relaxin', maxin' and actin' all cool, the dog kicked the car into nuteral and it started rolling down a small hill and into a tree. My companion saw this start and goes "Chad... Chad!.. CHAD!" to  tell the guy with us this was happening. He hopped off the truck, grabbed the door and tried to open, saw the dog go for him, and slammed the door. then it hit the tree. it was awesome...
OH I also ordered this ring from the book store in the town next to us that we go to for District Meeting every monday, and I finally got it! Its the ring Joseph Smith wore all the time, and used to demonstrate eternity in the "King Follet Discorse" (Which I highly recomend reading) Its a silver ring with a circle engraved in it. It also has Joseph's signature on the inside. I sent a picture. Its pretty cool. My companion had one, so me and Elder Gunter thought it was awesome so we got some. His is gold mine is silver. Well, I mean color, they're both Stainless steel.
One more thing! I heard you can buy Tie Bags on ebay for cheap. Because a lot of thrift stores dont have them. So like a million polyester ties for 15 bucks. Haha. That would always be a good gift! hahaa.
Alright, we're about to go golfing again.. So I'll finish sending pictures.
See Ya,
Elder Daniel Feller
Our truck in the middle of no where, gettin' dirty and doing service.

I drew this on the whiteboard, from the book "The Book of Mormon on Trial."

My companion burning his 1 year mark shirt!

This is what some good ties look like. Just some examples.

We made Elk Burgers. They were way good.

Some more good ties


  1. I have been looking for ties on Ebay but can't seem to find a variety pack like you are talking about. I will keep looking.
    Sometimes the craziest experiences happen during tracting. I laughed reading about the car rolling backwards.
    I will say the elk burger looks pretty sad.
    -Steve and Debbie

  2. Those ties are awesome! When Grant was in Japan on his mission, silk ties were only about $2! He got a TON. Good luck on your mission.

    -Kara Herron (Rick's wife) (He is your mom's cousin, in case you are wondering who the heck is commenting here)