Sunday, October 3, 2010

Daniel vs Transfers!

From: Eric Feller;
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 17:56:59
Subject: Daniel vs Transfers!

Soooooooo a week ago we went to the "Vernon Caves" for P-day. Naturally I forgot my camera. But the opening was really small and the caves were muddy. But it was pretty cool. Once you get through the tiny opening, and crawl for 20 yards though a few inches of water, it opends up and its pretty cool. I'll try to get a picture from someone.

This whole week we did a lot of service... because we dont have to much else to do.. mostly because my companion didnt want to. We went out to our Ward Mission Leaders property waaay out east of town, still in our area, and helped him cut road and do some other stuff. We cut the road by dropping the gate on his trailer and standing on it while he drove. It was hard to stay on, and I got really dusty. Then we visited his neighbor and offered to help him build a fence. He's a cool guy, he did missionary work for 12 years.. on his own, no church, just road tripping arround mexico, going to prisons and stuff. We're hoping to be able to teach him, and we're helping him with his fence tomorrow. We also helped someone roof their house, and some other stuff.
So it was a pretty boring week. And I got my Missionary tan looking so good. I'm two toneing my skin, with a bright white center, and mexican brown arms and face. My neck took a beating because I was used to wearing collared shirts, and I was dressed down for service.

Theeeeeen transfer calls came on monday! Last week I made a big deal about how my companion wasnt qualified. and its true, but its not like I'm super pissed about it or anything. Its just a set back and I guess I learned stuff from it.. Like what kind of missionary I never want to be. I dont hate him, I just dont have anything good to say about him. But I'm getting a new companion! The one I went on exchanges with before... I'm a little worried, because he's an ok guy, but he's a little weird and goofy. I hope we do ok, and turn this area arround! My companion is not too happy about leaving Saint Johns. Elder Gunter was made the new District Leader. He's been out 9 months.. haha, thats crazy! But I think the same thing happened to Brandon. But he's a good missionary. When I was having problems with my companion, he told me he'd adopt me. I thought he meant he was going to be my new companion, and he might have thought that too.. But he still lives with me, so I'll have him train me a little bit.
Apparently the tuesday before transfers is called "Apostate Tuesday" where you visit all the people you're going to miss from the area. But we still did service and missionary work. We just hung out with Chad for an hour at night, because my comp is really going to miss him.

Uhh we dont know what we're doing this lovely p-day. But we're gonna eat at this restraunt in town that gives us free food a couple times a month. Speedy-B's. Such a good hamburger. I usually get the Speedy B's burger: Hamburger, White Cheese, Onion Rings, Bacon, and Avacado. oooh man. its so good. Today I think I'm going to try the "Cow Puncher" .. I'll tell you how that goes.
Some people have asked me, "how can I tell an ugly tie from an awesome tie?" The trick is how interesting it is. If it looks cool then its not and "ugly tie" even if you would never wear it to a job interview. The poly ties I like have cool paterns in stipes usually. If its floral patterns or like.. I dont even know.. "ancient greek" looking patterns, I guess. Whatever. I just want ties!

Oh and in closing, Chad predicted me to be a "6 month-er" Which means I'll be in Saint Johns for 6 mothns. I dont know.. That would be cool though! Elder Gunter has been here 6 and is going to be here another transfer, so at least 7 and a half months.. posibly 9 months. haha

The Pictures are my pants after the caves. I stayed pretty clean. And then some cool Native American pottery shards I found on Chad's property. I found a ton, but only took stuff with writing on it. And I found Chad a huge grinding stone, and said he could have it because he likes that stuff. He told me these rocks were dinosaur skin, and a tooth. I kept it because holy crap I have pieces of dinosaur! but I dont know if he's messing with me or not...

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  1. Glad you got a new comp! Your pants looks really dirty.
    I was in my first area for 7 months. I also had another 7 month area. It makes it very hard to leave your first area when you are there so long. (They were my favorite areas though.)
    Hope all is well with you!
    Steve and Debbie