Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daniel vs Interviews!

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:59:35 -0700

Hello all. I'm emailing from the wonderful land of Show Low, Arizona today because we drove into Zone HQ early this morning for zone pday. Because our ride left for Show Low at 6:30...

This week was interesting. Not too much happened. Untill monday! We got 2 new investigators. One is married to a less active lady, who is only less active because of her job. But we went to his house and met with him and talked a lot about the church. He told us he likes it and stuff, but he also see how committed people have to be. That and he's mexican and likes his beer, According to him. But he did ask us what he would have to do to join the church. Pretty cool. The other new investigator is a guy we met outside of an investigators house. He's her friend. Even though she's kinda special... He's fine, and hopefully pretty solid. A family in town has already been fellowshiping him. But being themselves, apparently don't want the missionaries getting a hold of him. They've done this a lot before. There was a girl who was really really solid, and she came to church every week, but she wouldnt meet with us because he said she wasnt ready, and she'd let us know. Now she moved. If we could've taught her we could've baptized her for sure. :(

The only other interesting thing that happened this week was interviews. President Howes came up to Show Low and we all got interviewed by him. And trained by our AP's and Zone Leaders. My interview with president was good. I didnt really know what to talk about so it was short. But he told me I know what I need to do to improve as a missionary, so just do it. Which is true. I'm also a little sick and he asked me why and I said, "oh I get sick every year when it starts to get cold." Then I realized what I just said... then he said, "oh well then we'll have to put you some place warm." Shoooot. I might get kicked off the mountains next transfer! But hopefully not. The Zone Leaders were doing transfer recommendations this morning when we got to their house, and they asked us what we wanted and we told them to keep me and Elder Russ in Saint Johns and combine the areas. So hopefully in a week we'll be in charge of the missionary work in a whole city... even if its small. hahaha. It would be a lot of fun.

I hope everyone heard about the groundbreaking of the Rome temple! And they revealed what it will look like!

Here's a link:

Its pretty cool. I almost wish the architecture was more traditional Italian style. Like the Vatican and the rest of Rome and stuff... But whatever. It looks good. That will be a really cool place to go!

Gotta go,

Elder Feller.

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  1. You should be very careful what you say in interviews! That is kind of funny.
    How are the AP's in your mission? Some of ours were real "winners" if you ask me.
    I shouldn't say that... you will be one before you know it!
    I thought the same thing about the temple in Rome. I guess they don't care what we think.