Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daniel vs Singles

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 10:44:46 -0700

We had a pretty good week. It was mostly slow. But it ended really well. We taught a guy, named Brandon, that Elder Schick was teaching in his last area, that is going to be coming to the singles ward pretty soon. And we had to bike 7 miles to get there because it was no drive day. But it was good. 

The bad news this week, Megan got spooked when we extended a baptismal date on the second lesson (which, by the way, is what we are supposed to do). So were not going to meet with her until part way through July when her friend gets back in town. Which is too bad because she is an awesome investigator. But that's ok. We did what we're supposed to do and she'll be back. 

The really good news, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but we've been asked to focus on our Singles ward for our work. So we have made a lot of steps and progress there. We met with our Ward Mission Leader, Matt, and made a lot of plans. On Sunday we went to Ward Council and talked about a lot of things we can do there. We've been going to all of the activities and talking to people to get to know them and see if they have friends. Its fun, but, of course, kinda awkward. Its weird being in a singles ward for a few reasons. The first, its hard to talk to single girls as a missionary. Second, I dont remember what its like to be normal! I dont remember what normal people do or what its like. And I think working in the singles ward gets us close to that. Its a line we have to stay on the right side of, for a lot of reasons. But the people in the ward are awesome, and its a ton of fun. We're doing great. Just since we decided to start focusing on it, we have had a non-member who was coming to church every week invite himself to meet with us, since he said no the first time we offered. His name is Lance. We met him last night at the church building. He's really sincere and wants to know the truth for the right reasons, not for his girlfriend. 

Also, in Priesthood meeting on Sunday, we were introduced to Pattrick, a former investigator from before I was here. He told us he investigated the church for a while, and then disappeared for a few months, but now he is back and is thinking about being baptized. We set up an appointment for later this week. 

Elder Feller
Elder Schick and I at the Gilbert Temple

Friday, June 22, 2012

Daniel vs Elder Schick

Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 10:46:14 -0700
My new companion is Elder Schick! I've known him for a long time, we lived in the same house in Queen Creek for a transfer, and he's been in the San Tan zone for a while. We're super excited to get things going in our area and the zone. The Zone has been doing great! We should end June with 13 which is awesome for this zone. 
Elder Jackson's last few days were good. On Monday night we taught the Boccella family about the tree of life. They are on vacation right now, but they are doing so good. Its so awesome to see the change in their lives, even from the day before the baptism.
Tuesday we spent a lot of time packing and stuff. But in the evening we ate dinner with President Riggs, he used to be the stake president but he's leaving this week to be a mission president in DC. We ate Joe's BBQ, a famous place here in Gilbert. It was good. He had a lot of questions about the mission. He's going to be a great mission president. Then we walked out of his house, to his next door neighbor, ate a second dinner, (ribs and potatoes) and taught this family's neighbors. They are moving to Maricopa AZ, but we taught them about the Book of Mormon to try and get them interested. They said they'll read it! So that was good. 
Wednesday was the transfer day. I was so scared! My options for companions were not looking good when I got there. I wont go into that though, because when President Howes read "In San Tan, Elder Feller and Elder Schick" I was waaay too happy. It was one of those transfers that makes everyone laugh or gasp or something. It got loud and Elder Schick Jumped on me and I carried him to the bench.  
Thursday was Zone Leader Council. All day meetings! Yaay. It was good though. We talked about a lot of good stuff. President told a story about how when he got hired at this company he sold a ton of this one medicine that was supposed to be terrible, but no one told him that, and he sold a ton of it. He related it to faith, because someone mentioned that they didn't feel like they could reach the success they used to and President basically asked him who told him that. It was cool. That's been something I've been thinking about a lot, being in this zone. Some people get down for no reason... But we're putting a stop to that. 2 Nephi 29:7-9.
Nothing really eventful happened the rest of the week. We had a few lessons cancel due to fathers day.. But that was it.
Elder Feller
Elder Parrott and I in the Palm Tree Farm on exchanges

I was trying to catch the dust storm that was coming in. You can kinda see it.
The Temple in Rear View

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daniel vs Living the Dream

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:33:52 -0700

I know since you're all dying to hear the transfer results: IM STAYING!! Elder Jackson is going to go train and be a district leader somewhere else. We'll see. Some weird stuff happened across the zone, but it will all work out. It always does. I'm going too miss a lot of these guys. I'm losing a lot of friends this transfer. We'll see how it works out. Some really cool stuff could happen...

This last week was a blur. Most of it was getting ready for our baptism this week. Organizing a whole thing between two wards is stressful. Especially because everyone in Arizona tries to get their summer camps done fast before its gets too hot. We had to deal with Girls camp in one stake, and Aaronic Priesthood camp in the other. But it all worked out.

We taught them twice in the week before the baptism, and had their interview a different day too. We tried to keep them busy so they wouldn't get nervous, and Bro. Smelser did a good job helping. They played softball almost every day. The lessons and interviews went really well. The baptism was amazing also. We got there early and set up. We soon realized that there would not be enough room in the relief society room. So we moved to the chapel. They came and everyone got ready. Al laughed at us because we were waiting for them in our white clothes. I think that relieved some nerves. Sis. Smelser gave a talk about baptism that was really good, and then we went back to the room where the font was. They had four different people baptizing all four of them. It was crowed. But awesome. I baptized Avery, the 14 year old daughter. We all did it on the first try, except Elder Jackson, on the very last one, her toe popped up! But it was ok. Then Bro. Smelser gave an emotional talk on the holy ghost. The bishops both spoke, the ward they've been going too, and the ward they will go too soon. The bishop of the other ward handled it very well. He referenced Elder Halstrom's talk from conference and talked about how the gospel and church are different. He said, "the church draws these funny little lines all around Gilbert." It was funny. He did a great job, and they will do great in their new ward. The confirmation on Sunday was good too. I confirmed Avery as well. After sacrament meeting I called Al "Bro. Boccella" and it was pretty funny. They are so great. They have really made the gospel part of their lives, and I believe they will stay on that course. Pictures bellow.

That night we had a lesson with Aubrey. We kept it short because he was busy and we wanted him to pray on his own. So we left, and then finished mowing his lawn.

That's all for this week. Expect big news next week. Like I said, theres a chance some really cool stuff could happen soon. We'll see.

Elder Feller
    Us, the Boccella's and the Smelsers
    Back Row: Bro. Smelser, Elder Jackson, Al Boccella, Elder Feller
    next row: Richard, Avery, Heather, Bailey, Kelly (Smelser's daughter, Richard's wife)
    next row: Kimball, Carmella, Cameron, 
    front row: Kayleen, Sis. Smelser
Elder Jackson & I, and the Boccellas
Mowing the Lawn
Still going.
I punched a car! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 11:13:58 -0700

I talk a lot about how things are going on here but I dont often talk about how I feel. As some people know, the plan right now is to extend my mission until september. I dont really know why, but I feel like that is what I need to do. Its really inconvient with school and a break and everything, but I have faith that it will all work out ok. I really do love my mission, but I have been out a really long time, and some days when its really hot and we have nothing to do, I just really want to go home... Its hard, but I just really feel like I need to do it. Things are tough right now, I'm not going to lie. I'm in the most notorious zone right now, and even though we have a few good things going on, theres not a whole lot of work in this area. We're working on it, as always. We're trying to make work. But at the same time we're trying to help the whole zone. Its time consuming to do both. But the zone is doing awesome as a whole. Two of our stake are making massive changes and improvements. Last week we had a record number of teaching opportunites. And not that the numbers matter all that much, but it paints a picture of whats going on. Busy missionaries are happy missionaries, and happy missionaires get even more good work done. I really believe you have to be happy to be a succesful missionary. To have faith you have to be positive, and happy, and put out that engery. Thats why I always try to be friends and make people happy.

I've shared with a few people my thoughts and frustrations with a lot of things that are happening within the mission right now. I dont want to go into that, its really not important. But if the other leaders were actually leading in a Christ-like way, and following what it actually says in D&C 121 things would be a lot better. And I'm trying to do all I can to solve problems and help the misisonaires. I love them. All of them. From my best friends to the goobers. I love the people here in Arizona, and I'm so greatfull for all the things I've learned from them. From the greatest church leaders, to the people I've taught. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.

(That being said, I am pretty trunky. Haha. I still do work of course, so its not a bad thing. and as always, I joke a lot. I miss music the most. Not anything else, besides relaxing... I do miss relaxing. I havent "chilled" in soooo loing. And tts fun to sing old songs to my companion and try to make him trunky too. Life is good.)

Enough of that, lets get to the good stuff.

I dont really know how to describe the last few weeks. We've been teaching the Boccella family a lot. They are doing awesome, and thier baptism is scheduled for this saturday, June 9th. They are so awesome. We had a lesson last monday where we shared our conversion stories, and talked about the restoration. And then last saturday we went to their house and talked with them about the baptismial interview questions. Funny story: So, we text them a scripture to read everyday as a family, and we forgot one day so the next day my companion wrote: "sorry we forgot yesterday, we need to repent" and sent them two scriptures. Well, on saturday Al asked us what we were talking about. He thought we meant we were busy repenting, and he was like "oh man, they did something bad!" He thought we were in trouble, and was going to call us to see if we needed help. But he didn't. It was really funny.

The only other big thing that has been going on is Aubrey. We missed him last week, but this week we went by and he was working on his shed. We offered to help and he said no a few times, but we kept on him, untill he let us mow the lawn. So Elder Jackson went to mow the lawn and I just went and helped him fix his shed. We switched later and I mowed untill it was out of gas. Then the power saw they were using quit on us and he said, "well, why dont you come inside, and I'll give you some dinner and then you can preach to me." So we ate a second dinner, and then had a really good lesson with him. I think I've talked about before, how Aubrey will throw the missionaries off by saying he needs to be baptized, but he really doesnt understand some basic things, like prayer and his relationship with God. And he cant progress untill he gets that. So we had a really good lesson about that, and he finnally got it! So he commited to do that, and hopefully he will progress soon.

We also have still be teaching Danielle. She is doing so awesome! We had a confusing lesson on sunday in gospel principles, because we ran out of time, talking about the Priesthood, and we went over it again in our lesson that night. At the end she said, "Oh my gosh! This is amazing! No other church has this!"  It was really cool.

So things are good. I know I complain a lot, but dont listen to me.

Elder Feller