Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Daniel vs Living the Dream

Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:33:52 -0700

I know since you're all dying to hear the transfer results: IM STAYING!! Elder Jackson is going to go train and be a district leader somewhere else. We'll see. Some weird stuff happened across the zone, but it will all work out. It always does. I'm going too miss a lot of these guys. I'm losing a lot of friends this transfer. We'll see how it works out. Some really cool stuff could happen...

This last week was a blur. Most of it was getting ready for our baptism this week. Organizing a whole thing between two wards is stressful. Especially because everyone in Arizona tries to get their summer camps done fast before its gets too hot. We had to deal with Girls camp in one stake, and Aaronic Priesthood camp in the other. But it all worked out.

We taught them twice in the week before the baptism, and had their interview a different day too. We tried to keep them busy so they wouldn't get nervous, and Bro. Smelser did a good job helping. They played softball almost every day. The lessons and interviews went really well. The baptism was amazing also. We got there early and set up. We soon realized that there would not be enough room in the relief society room. So we moved to the chapel. They came and everyone got ready. Al laughed at us because we were waiting for them in our white clothes. I think that relieved some nerves. Sis. Smelser gave a talk about baptism that was really good, and then we went back to the room where the font was. They had four different people baptizing all four of them. It was crowed. But awesome. I baptized Avery, the 14 year old daughter. We all did it on the first try, except Elder Jackson, on the very last one, her toe popped up! But it was ok. Then Bro. Smelser gave an emotional talk on the holy ghost. The bishops both spoke, the ward they've been going too, and the ward they will go too soon. The bishop of the other ward handled it very well. He referenced Elder Halstrom's talk from conference and talked about how the gospel and church are different. He said, "the church draws these funny little lines all around Gilbert." It was funny. He did a great job, and they will do great in their new ward. The confirmation on Sunday was good too. I confirmed Avery as well. After sacrament meeting I called Al "Bro. Boccella" and it was pretty funny. They are so great. They have really made the gospel part of their lives, and I believe they will stay on that course. Pictures bellow.

That night we had a lesson with Aubrey. We kept it short because he was busy and we wanted him to pray on his own. So we left, and then finished mowing his lawn.

That's all for this week. Expect big news next week. Like I said, theres a chance some really cool stuff could happen soon. We'll see.

Elder Feller
    Us, the Boccella's and the Smelsers
    Back Row: Bro. Smelser, Elder Jackson, Al Boccella, Elder Feller
    next row: Richard, Avery, Heather, Bailey, Kelly (Smelser's daughter, Richard's wife)
    next row: Kimball, Carmella, Cameron, 
    front row: Kayleen, Sis. Smelser
Elder Jackson & I, and the Boccellas
Mowing the Lawn
Still going.
I punched a car! 


  1. So, this is what my kids had to say about these pictures: Mom, I'm pretty sure that Daniel is the tallest person in Arizona. Mom, he is going to get his nice shoes all grassy green. Mom, he didn't really punch that car...did he?

  2. I would have loved to watch you carry Elder Schick to the bench as referenced in vs. Elder Schick. I imagine you are a highly coveted companion. I'm excited to hear the news that you get to extend but aren't going to miss any school. We are looking forward to you coming home, but don't want you to get keep on keepin' on! Your letters are inspiration to my little boy that currently doesn't want to ever go on a mission because it would mean that he would have to leave home. =) Love you very much! P.S. Did anyone else think that the latest Ensign had the most amazing amounts of stories that were relatable? Great missionary tools in those stories this month.

  3. The best thing ever is baptisms! We are so happy that you are doing your part in helping the Lord! Your success will be measured in blessings. You are an incredible missionary!
    I love Katie's kids comments! So hilarious!