Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Daniel vs Singles

Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 10:44:46 -0700

We had a pretty good week. It was mostly slow. But it ended really well. We taught a guy, named Brandon, that Elder Schick was teaching in his last area, that is going to be coming to the singles ward pretty soon. And we had to bike 7 miles to get there because it was no drive day. But it was good. 

The bad news this week, Megan got spooked when we extended a baptismal date on the second lesson (which, by the way, is what we are supposed to do). So were not going to meet with her until part way through July when her friend gets back in town. Which is too bad because she is an awesome investigator. But that's ok. We did what we're supposed to do and she'll be back. 

The really good news, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but we've been asked to focus on our Singles ward for our work. So we have made a lot of steps and progress there. We met with our Ward Mission Leader, Matt, and made a lot of plans. On Sunday we went to Ward Council and talked about a lot of things we can do there. We've been going to all of the activities and talking to people to get to know them and see if they have friends. Its fun, but, of course, kinda awkward. Its weird being in a singles ward for a few reasons. The first, its hard to talk to single girls as a missionary. Second, I dont remember what its like to be normal! I dont remember what normal people do or what its like. And I think working in the singles ward gets us close to that. Its a line we have to stay on the right side of, for a lot of reasons. But the people in the ward are awesome, and its a ton of fun. We're doing great. Just since we decided to start focusing on it, we have had a non-member who was coming to church every week invite himself to meet with us, since he said no the first time we offered. His name is Lance. We met him last night at the church building. He's really sincere and wants to know the truth for the right reasons, not for his girlfriend. 

Also, in Priesthood meeting on Sunday, we were introduced to Pattrick, a former investigator from before I was here. He told us he investigated the church for a while, and then disappeared for a few months, but now he is back and is thinking about being baptized. We set up an appointment for later this week. 

Elder Feller
Elder Schick and I at the Gilbert Temple

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  1. Will the temple be dedicated before you leave? If not you should go back and be there for it! I never served in a singles ward but it sounds terrible! :)