Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daniel vs An Average Week

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 10:54:12 -0700

Nothing much happened this week... It was pretty routine. We visited people, tried to teach, ect.
I forgot my camera today again... I had some good pictures... Next time!
Uhhh. What else... My new companion is great! We get a long really well, even though he's a little weird, but I still love him. I'm learning some more good stuff. I think I had a not good first companion so I could learn to do stuff my self, its tough, but I'm working on it. We're not doing to bad, but I hope things really pick up soon. We're doing a lot better but its still hard. There's next to nothing to do during the afternoon... But in the evenings its hard to decide who to visit sometimes! but as soon as 8 o clock hits its hard again. People go to bed early in this little town!
We have these cottage meetings every once in a while, and they're really nice. They get investigators and less active people together, eat food and have some spiritual thoughts and stuff. The next one is going to be at this part member families house, which is really good. We're hoping to get this lady's husband into the gospel!
We went to teach at the Jail the other day! We're going back soon. Probably tomorrow. But my companion was looking for someone there from his old area, and ended up finding someone else he knew on accident, and he didnt want the guy to know that he wasn't coming in to look for him, so he didn't tell me he knew him, but he said just before he walked into the library that it wasnt the guy... so I was very confused the whole time, and I said the closing prayer and called him the wrong name... hahaha. oops. But we're probably going back tomorrow.
Also, we're trying to teach this Mexican guy who lives way out in the middle of nowhere. We stopped by the other day, he was kinda busy but we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it. So we're going to go out there soon and talk to him about it.
Elder Gunter was gone a few days in Tempe, being trained, so we had to work with his companion in both of our areas. It was a little stressful.. I don't like having 2 companions and two areas. Especially when the Elder over the other area doesn't really know whats going on. But at the same time it was pretty fun, and I think we helped out the other greenie a lot.
uhhh. I tried the "cowpuncher" at Speedy B's. It wasnt as good as the original "Speedy B's Burger" ... and again I got confused because in Arizona they call Green Chili different stuff. I thought it was going to be like Salsa Verde. But they took a huge green pepper and flopped it on the top of my sandwich... hahaha. Yeah, Arizona is weird....
We're about to go golfing for P-Day!
So until next week,
Love Elder Feller.


  1. I have totally called a family the wrong name in a prayer! That is hilarious! (Must come from Grandma!) :) "And please bless ... um... this family..."
    I hated having two comps at once! It is very hard.
    I want to come and try this burger place! (Not with the green chili though.)

    PS. Your letters are very inspiring and make me want to do more missionary work. Thanks for being such an incredible example to us all!
    -Steve and Debbie

  2. Love the letters Daniel! It's as if you are sitting at my kitchen table talking to me. Love your guts!
    Katie Chase