Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daniel vs The Best Week Ever

Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 10:30:54 -0700

This whole last week was awesome. I got a new companion, but stayed in the same area. His name is Elder Russ. He's from Ashville North Carolina. He's a convert of two years, and has been out for one year. He's a little weird and goofy, but he's a really good missionary. I love him... especially in comparison. The first two days he was here we got four new investigators, after a whole transfer of no new investigators. Now that I have a companion that's actually trying to do something, instead of just doing it, we're getting stuff done. We're had a lot of progress with our investigators and stuff now. One guy, who has a smoking problem, finally read the Book of Mormon, and now he wants to get baptized before he moves... in one month. We decided to give him a blessing to be able to stop smoking... we're going to check up on him tonight. We also finally started teaching this 8 year old girl, who's parents are less active and she really wants to get baptized. She is really smart, knows all the answers to the questions we ask her, and actually is  interested in the lessons, unlike most kids. She asks if we can do more than one every time we go over. We're hoping to reactivate their family so her dad can baptize her, but I don't know if that's something he'd be interested in yet.
We talked to these nuns the other day. They asked Elder Russ what he was up to and he said "Nothing Much" and they said "Good, I'm glad you're not doing anything." They were rude nuns! So he messed with them a little bit and we left.
A lot of people have commented on how they can tell I'm happier and stuff now that I'm with Elder Russ. Its weird, but cool.
Old People have the best answers to the famous missionary question, "How's it going?" My favorite response was "Round and Round", They never just say, "good" like most people.
Missionaries all listen to the same music. A lot of its pretty good. Most people have the Joseph Smith Nashville Tribute CD. Its a country CD about Joseph Smith, its really good. Then some random other cd's. Elder Russ has the BYU ocapella group, Vocal Point, doing all these primary songs. Its really cool.

Thats pretty much it... Missionary work is a lot of fun. 

The pictures are the "missionary wall" at our Ward Mission Leader's machine shop. You get your name up there if you do service for him. I wrote really big on accident...

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  1. Hooray for good companions! They make all the difference.
    That is so awesome that you guys are teaching now! How cool to help a less active family.
    Tell the Nuns next time that you are saving souls from their "whacked out" church!
    Also, good boy to write big! They will never forget you now! :)
    I will make some copies for church music (if I am allowed to send you some music) and send them out to you.
    -Steve and Debbie