Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Daniel vs Slowing Down For Winter

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 12:25:29 -0700

Sorry this email is late, we were at the Snowflake AZ Temple this morning. Pretty cool.
This week was not nearly as exciting as last week. It has kinda been hard for me and my companion. Actually, for all four missionaries in Saint Johns. The town is really shutting down. The other missionaries have baptized pretty much all their investigators, and the people we were planning on baptizing this transfer have moved, or are moving. Which is really frustrating for me... Just becuase I've been out three months and feel like I havent done too much yet. I'm getting anxious! Oh man, did I just say three months!? Yeah, tomorrow, the 21'st, I'll have been on my mission for three months! That's 1/8th of the way there, and I can definitely do this seven more times.

So yeah, speaking of time flying, transfers is coming up again in 2 weeks. My prediction: They're going to recombine the whole town of Saint Johns to just two missionaries... because there's not the work for four of them anymore (and probably wasn't before). I'm thinking.. or at least hoping, that they'll have me and my companion just absorb the other side of town. But if that doesn't happen then I want to go back down to the Valley, so I can get more teaching opportunities. But I'm confident in my guessing, and I'll tell you why:

1. My companion has moved around a lot recently, and they probably wont move him after one transfer again.

2. I still know our area better than he does

3. Elder Gunter on the other side has been up in Saint Johns for 7 and a half months... so its about time for him to move. And his companion has been here a few days .... because they had to mix up some missionaries because the one we have up here totaled two mission cars and neither one of his companionship could drive.

4. I know Elder Gunter's area a little bit, because of exchanges and listening to him plan every night.

But at the same time, our Ward Mission Leader, Chad, told The Mission office that I'm now "competent"... So they might move me. So I really have no idea, But they probably will combine this area.

gaah boring boring stuff. Here's something better: We taught a really good lesson to this native american family, the Littlehat's. Hahaha. The husband wasnt there so we changed our plan. They're really promising, they really want to get to church, they're just a little busy. They'll probably be there next week. They're really golden, if we get them to church, and get them to read the Book of Mormon, they'll definitely be converted. Its hard because most of the people we already teach already know about Jesus and everything, but they don't because they grew up on an Indian Reservation.

Joe the atheist is a tough one too. We taught him an awesome lesson, and we could tell he felt the spirit, but then he did his thing where he distracts from the spirit with a history lesson! We're going to get him eventually!

We're going to Baptize an 8 year old girl pretty soon. Because she's 8 it doesn't count for the mission stats. But we are reactivating her parents... which is really good. But that doesnt count for our mission stats. We just taught her because her mom wanted her to know whats going on. But we brought the spirit to her home and so the parents are starting to come back.

Oh, I mentioned earlier that every one of the baptisms we were going to get moved. One of them we go to almost quit smoking, and we were going to baptize him right before he moved, but now he's to busy, and we haven't met with him to much.. so its not going to happen. One GOLDEN 20 year old girl we were going teach and baptize moved. It was so promising because her boyfriend got out of jail and was completely converted. He even bore his testimony in church about how to Book of Mormon helped him over come his addictions, and changed his life.She was really touched by his testimony and wants to learn now, but they moved! Then a 9 year old girl and her less active mom disappeared! They were impossible to get a hold of and now we haven't seen anyone at their house for weeks.

That's pretty much it for this week...


Elder Daniel Feller

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  1. It is so hard when things happen to prevent families (and people) from hearing the Gospel! We can totally relate! I know that you are making such a difference in these peoples lives even if they are not making it to baptism. It is just not the right time for them sometimes. It is really heartbreaking though.
    I am shocked at how quickly the three months has gone. You really will be home very soon!
    BTW... Slowing down for winter??? You are in Arizona! That is totally crazy that people have to prepare for the winter. How cold does it get in St. Johns?