Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daniel vs His First Valley Assignment

From: Eric Feller <>
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 00:07:25

So my transfer predictions were completely wrong... I'm now whitewashing another area in .... Chandler AZ! Shoot. I'm kinda sad I didnt get my six months in Saint Johns... but I'm excited to be working in this area. My new companion, Elder Lesh from Washington state, said this area is pretty dead... so I don't know how its going to work out, but I have high hopes.
Saying goodbye to everyone in Saint Johns wasn't fun though... We made some people cry. And Chad was really sad to see us go, because he liked us so much. When we told the stake president I think he could tell that we were frustrated about it and he sat us down in his office and told us that it was what the Lord wanted and that we were awesome missionaries and he would miss us, and he even got a little teary. The spirit was really strong there, and he promised Elder Russ that he would not spend only one transfer in his next area.
 And it is really frustrating because neither me or Elder Russ stayed in Saint Johns, so now all our investigators have to get used to Elder Gunter, who is amazingly STILL up there, and his new companion that came out the same time as me... So in my opinion that is all bad. They still should have kept me and Elder Russ up there. Or me and Elder Gunter. Hahaha, and I'm not just saying that because I want to be up in the mountains, I'm really concerned about this area... And honestly a little concerned about how inspired these decisions were. I can say that because The Zone Leader told Elder Russ and me that if this one missionary in the zone hadn't wrecked a car, and then gotten emergency transferred to Saint Johns then a lot of stuff would be different... Elder Gunter would have left, The guy who crashed a car would have stayed, and his companion would have left, and their District Leader down in Show Low would have stayed. Now, Gunter is still there, with the whole city and a greenie I don't think the people there are going to like, Crash's companion had to become a district leader and show someone else the area so he could leave next transfer, and the district leader down there became a Zone Leader. So its really complicated but no one is happy. And I'm seriously worried about some of the investigators me and Elder Russ had. Some are really close and we both felt like we needed to get them there. So both of us are mad. And my good friend, Elder Russ is whitewashing ANOTHER area in the San Tan Zone... which is a zone that nobody wants to go to..

But I just went shopping and am all settled in at my new apartment in Chandler. Its much nicer than the Haunted Yellow Double Wide trailer in Saint Johns. But it doesn't have as much character.

I forgot my camera cord again! So no pictures this week. But mucho good ones next week.

That's all I can think of right now...

-Love Elder Feller

Part 2:

I forgot to mention that the Littlehat family broke up. She took her kids back to Wyoming. We went over there on Friday night because I got an impression while looking at our area book. He met us outside and was a little teary eyed and Elder Russ said he smelled of alcohol. He told us what happened and also said that he felt uneasy about our visits because he thought it was just a distraction for her. Which looking back on it makes sense because she never had anything to add or any questions about anything... Its sad to say but true... And now both of the missionaries he knows, his only contact with the church, are gone! This is really frustrating...

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  1. Dang it! Sorry you got transferred! I remember being transferred my first time and being upset also! I look back now and realize it was definitely the best thing for me and the area. I remember being so frustrated that the people would be lost and the new missionaries would not take care of them since they weren't "their" contacts. The Lord has a plan. Sometimes it feels like it really didn't come from the Lord (and it may not have) but it WILL work out. I hope you are getting a ward list from all your areas and a list of contacts so you can contact them after you get home and right before you leave.
    How is your new comp? Katie and I have a friend that lives in Chandler. I wonder if you are close?
    Is it still best to send things to the mission home? Do you want to update your address ever to anything different?
    Did you get our Halloween package? Not much but we were thinking of you.
    I am excited for your new area! Don't listen to what others say about an area! There are those people that can only be taught by certain missionaries. Just go and work! It will be great.
    I just got a phone call from a lady who I found and baptized in Pittsburgh. I thought she had gone inactive but she told me she just went through the temple. It made my whole year. I am convinced to this day (even when I thought she had gone inactive) that she was the biggest reason I was sent to Pittsburgh.
    She surprised me by flying out to California to attend our reception when we got married! She had no money and made great sacrifices to join the church but she was golden! I didn't think I would have that type of experience on my mission!
    Keep your spirits up and be good! The blessings will come!
    We love you dude!
    -Steve and Debbie