Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daniel vs Kenya

From: Eric Feller
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 20:31:30

"Sacramento California? ... Do they let you go home on the weekends?"

That's a quote I forgot to include last time. But it was said to me in Saint Johns. I also forgot to mention one other thing last week. My last Saturday in Saint Johns we spent all day doing service. In the morning I got to drive a huge Track-Hoe and knock down part of a house. Ill send pictures of it later. next week... I forgot my camera again!

To answer some questions: I dont know how cold it gets in Saint Johns, but I know the snow doesn't stick for very long. But its still a heck of a lot colder than in the Tempe area.

It slows down in the Winter in the mountains, but in the valley it speeds up. Because its not hot anymore, and the Mesa temple does all this visitors center stuff. Soon we'll be taking people to see the Christmas lights and go through the visitors center. Sending stuff through the mission home is still best, just because its safest and it doesn't add to much time. The AP's in our mission right now are alright.. hahaa. People make fun of the APs no matter what though. They are both spanish speaking missionaires right now. One of them is built like a rhinoceros, but is kinda clumsy. But he's a really good guy. The other is just a normal guy. He kinda looks like Klark Kent with his glasses on. He's what missionaries call an "aspire-er" because he stayed on his mission an extra transfer to be AP. But they're just kidding. Anyone who "aspires" to leadership is made fun of a lot... Its kinda like a running joke all the time. I don't know how to explain it..

So Chandler is going pretty well. We have a nice apartment and a car so I cant complain to much. But I will because the car doesn't have enough miles and this area is pretty dead because of the missionaries here before us. That and the fact that the wards are kinda hard to work with. We had a good day at church on Sunday. We ran out of one sacrament meeting in order to knock on an investigators door to remind her to go to church. She made some excuse, and we made it back just in time for the closing song. Then in one of the ward a recent convert from Kenya brought her husband to church. We talked to him and arranged to meet later that day. We showed up at the house, talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and he said " Well, if its the word of God, I'll read it." He is an awesome guy, with tremendous faith in Jesus Christ. He even helped my faith. And when we left my companion, Elder Lesh, was so excited, and he said to me "do you know who this guy is?" I came to find out that our new investigator, Jorem, was a retired Colonel in the Kenyan army who was displaced when his plantation was burned down by a waring tribe in Kenya, that his wife belongs to. He told us he escaped when the mob was within 50 meters. He is so awesome. We are seriously going to baptize him before he leaves in a week.... I think we can do that. Except the last time we went to his house he had decided to try to learn some things about the Mormon Church on the internet. So naturally, when we met with him he had a lot of questions about some stuff. We mostly talked about how he needed to seek answers from God, because that will bring him to the truth. Then his wife came in and bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and how she found her answer to know that it was true, and pretty much told him that he was going to find out that night. So then we left and were late to our dinner appointment. But it was totally worth it.

Thats pretty much the most exciting thing to happen in Chandler this week... Oh, that and the fact that while a missionary was staying with us during a big leadership meeting in Tempe, the three of us got a free portrait from as a gift from our apartment complex, posing in the same exact was at the first presidency's portrait, so in a week we'll get a 10x13 picture and we're going to hang it up in the mission office next to the picture we're imitating. Its going to be awesome!

Thats all for this week.

Love Elder Feller


  1. Ooh, please do update on the whole Kenya guy status. That's really cool! I have an old friend in Chandler you need to look up. She grew up down the street from us and is AWESOME! And not a member!

  2. Very interesting blog. I wish someone would kick me in the pants to get going on mine.

    ps I just figured out how to feed the fish.