Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Letter from Elder Feller

I dont have too much to say this week. Just working and working. Thought I'd send some pictures home. I'll try to send a video too but they're usually to big to send though email...

Uh, we taught some good lessons this week, and I went on exchanges and got to hang out with a Zone Leader for a day. My companion asked a guy who wasn't even sure if he believed in God to be baptized because the spirit told him too. hahaha. It was crazy, because the spirit told me not to say anything and just let it go. And I did. We're meeting with him again tonight so I hope we can do something good. He's a really good guy, but is scared for some reason to act to come to know anything.

But yeah, my exchange was good. We walked everywhere all around his area and talked to people inviting them to the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights. Which is apparently a big deal. I'm really excited for it.

Then Yesterday because we are almost out of miles in our car and my bike decided to break, we walked to dinner. We started at one, and a mile and a half later we entered our area. then at 4 o clock we got into the neighborhood. Then they almost cancelled on us! But we talked to a lot of people. Did a little tracting, and got a ride back home from our dinner. Oh, funny story about tracting. Tracting is something a lot of missionaries in this mission refuse to do because it is ineffective and they can teach people based on referrals from members. But because my new companion likes to do it, and we don't have a massive teaching pool, we do it every once in a while. So we knock on this door and this lady answers and is like "sorry guys, we don't accept solicitors" and pointed at her no soliciting sign. Then Elder Lesh says, "Oh good, because we're not solicitors, we are not trying to sell anything, we come with a message about Jesus Christ" and then waited a while because she was so flabbergasted and then spurted out, "...well... I know Jesus" Then Elder Lesh started in again and told her that we also brought a message of Prophets and the usual missionary stuff. He invited her to learn more and to accept our message over and over and she just dodged it. Finally she said no and he said "ok, then have a good day." It was so funny because he will go until the person will actually say no, and reject our invitation. And she was so surprised and threw out a common phrase. But as long as we're inviting, we are fufilling our purpose as a missionary as stated in preach my gospel, "Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, baptism and receiving the gift of the holy ghost." I know that because we have to stand and quote that every morning a long with Joseph Smith's "Standard of Truth" and Doctrine and Covenants 4. Pretty fun stuff!

So yeah I'm doing good except for a broken bike and sore feet and low miles. But hopefully I can get my bike fixed today, because we're going to Tempe for a little bit. wooo

Love Elder Feller
The Snowflake temple!

Me and CJ!

I drove that. And tore a house down! 

To win his tie back, Elder Turley was wrapped to this pole, and then Elder Gunter put a Jabanero pepper in his mouth.

The Karate Kid poles outside our house in Saint Johns

Me and Bro Pearce before I left 

Elder Russ and CJ the night before we left.

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  1. I remember always feeling that tracting was less effective but I remember some of the best memories and some of the funniest stuff happened while tracting. It really got me to open up and get out of my shell. I think it made me a better teacher! I remember trying to share the first discussion (shortened version) at the door step. A flood of memories comes to my mind right now as I write this. Good times!
    We are so proud of you! You are such a good missionary! Keep going strong!

    Daniel... we didn't get a package for Thanksgiving out to you so don't hate us! We love you and are grateful you are serving the Lord with such a good attitude. You are an awesome missionary! Love ya dude!