Friday, November 26, 2010

This week was pretty awesome, to say the least

Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2010 11:02:38 -0700

On Sunday they asked us to teach Gospel Principles at the last minute. So we teach on Alma 7 and talk about the Atonement a whole lot. We had two investigators there. So after we taught a super spiritual lesson, one of the investigators, who we already talked about Baptism with, came up to us after and said she wants so bad to be baptized, that everything we said made her feel like this is what she needed, and she didn't want to have to wait for her family to come into town anymore, but she still is. So we're probably going to have a baptism in like.. two weeks or so. THEN! The other investigator there, Jorem, the Kenyan guy, was also really touched by the lesson, and that night we took him to Tempe to the Mission President's Fireside. President Howes gave a good talk about how we're all children of our Heavenly Father. After we were making our way through the crowd and Jorem was having a great time meeting all these other missionaries. One of them asked him if he was a member of the Church and he said, "No, but I am becoming one, I just need to be baptized!" and me and Elder Lesh were silently freaking out in excitement. Then the missionary asked him, "Oh, so when are you getting baptized?" and Jorem said, "When Elder Lesh asks me! or would you like to set a day right now?" and the missionary got all excited and was about to do it but Elder Lesh stepped in and said we should confirm with his wife. Then Jorem met President Howes, and we dropped him off at home, while he talked about finding the church when he goes back to Kenya. It was so awesome! Then, the next day we took him to the Mesa Temple Visitors Center, and he got to see the temple, and go around the visitors center, and watch the Joseph Smith movie. Then he was looking at some exhibits and the guy asked if we were the missionaries who wanted to see if we could watch the Joseph Smith movie in Swahili, and when we told him we were he went and got us a Swahili book of Mormon and we gave it to Jorem. He was so happy! We never even thought about getting him one because we totally could have, but his bible is in English and he speaks English just fine. But on the car ride home he didnt say a word, he was just tearing through that Book of Mormon. The next day he told Elder Lesh he knew it was true, but I was on exchanges at the time with the Spanish Missionaries! Which was also super fun. I got to listen to Elder Miguel, a missionary temporarily reassigned to Arizona while waiting for a Visa to Mexico, teach a whole first lesson in Espanol and I followed along! Even though I couldn't add anything. But yeah, the whole day was pretty fun. Its been a good week, and we have 3 Thanksgiving dinners tomorrow! Oh my goodness...

Talk to you later,

Heart, Elder Feller

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  1. So... I miss your Daniel vs. Letters. They make me laugh and I want you to do them again.
    I am so glad that you had a good week! It is truly amazing when you have investigators that make the decisions like that and it makes your whole world seem perfect!
    Hope your Thanksgiving was great! I missed seeing you. Hope they fed you well!
    -Steve and Debbie