Thursday, December 2, 2010

Daniel vs Two Areas!

Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2010 10:54:12 -0700

I have no idea what to say this week! Not too much happened...

... oh we only absorbed another area so we cover 5 wards and have whitewashed twice in one transfer.. new record. So we're super busy. And our area is now 20 square miles... which, p.s., is kinda huge. Which is good because we're super busy.. and bad because we're super busy. Its kinda stressful. Especially on my OCD companion. hahaha. And we were out of miles in our car for the last couple days, because we live 1.5 miles out side of our area and 5 miles to the closest residential neighborhood in our area. It was super fun to bike there on NOT my bike because the pedal fell off again! So I have to use a bike I borrowed from our Zone Leader that is super slow, hard to pedal and uncomfortable. So i'm going to get that fixed in Tempe... AGAIN. But taking over there area for at least 3 weeks isn't that bad. We had a member call us up like the first day and say, "hey I've got a kid living with me, who has been going to church a little bit and wants to hear 'the discussions' and will most likely be baptized." So we meet, teach a little bit, come back the next day and he's got another friend who has been going to church for 4 years and wants to be baptized. So we are most likely going to reach our baptismal goal of two for this transfer because of that. Our other prospects are not looking too good right now, unfortunately, and I think this is the Lord blessing us to meet our goal, because of all our hard work.

So the problems with the other two people from Africa we were going to baptize are: 1. Rosemary's work schedule got messed up royally, so we couldnt meet last saturday, like usual, and set up a date, and its been really hard to contact her. and 2. Jorem is now saying he was already baptized, and doesnt need to be again. We're working on that, we told him to pray about it last time and are going back soon.

thats pretty much it...

Love Elder Feller

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