Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1st Week in Yuma

Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 11:04:11 -0700

So this email is coming late this week... 1 day late because yesterday, my regular p-day, I had to take a very long car ride after transfer meeting.. to YUMA!

So yeah, I dont really know what to say about my last week in chandler.. EXCEPT ELDER LESH AND I BAPTIZED TWO PEOPLE! Rembember how we took over another missionaries area? Well, the first day we had it, a member called us and said he had someone for us to teach. We go by, and teach him a little bit, come back the next day and his friend is there too. They've both been going to church with this family for a while, and we baptized them last saturday. It was super funny. This whole family and these two kids that practically live with them are all so funny and goofy. But it was a great experiance for them to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We confirmed them on sunday as well. And then their friends, the family's two brothers, had to bear their testimony in Church and they both were crying, which made Brandon and Zack start to cry and they were all embarased because they're teenagers and it was funny. Then during someone elses talk, she started telling this story about Jesus that someone wrote and Brandon was like, "oh no, here it comes again" and stuck his hands over his face. It was hilarious.

Lets see... what else.

Oh, we also started teaching another person in that same ward, who was dating an older member. He wanted to join the church and marry her. We made sure he was spiritually ready, and then put him on date for baptism for Christmas day. He was so excited. He's a funny guy too. He used to be a marine, then was a bum for 7 years and then got involved with a born-again church that helped him out a lot and he got back on his feet and got a good job in Arizona, and now has a house and two cars. He sees "Mormonism as his next step in his progression, like he's been led here his whole life" hahaha. He's awesome. But I'll miss the baptism now that I'm in Yuma, and not Chandler...

Oh speaking of, my adress in Yuma is:
Elder Daniel Feller
1600 W 12th st #1323
Yuma AZ, 85364

So at least for the next couple weeks you can send christmas packages and letters there, because the mission office is going to be booked! But its ok, whichever still works. And after like.. 4-5 weeks, start sending stuff back to the mission home. I appriciate all the Christmas presents and all the letters and everything I've recieved thus far! It means a lot that people still remember me... because I'm going on 5 months pretty soon!

HOLY CRAP ITS RAINING IN YUMA RIGTH NOW! That means lettuce will be super good this year, because Yuma produces 90% of the worlds lettuce...

Anyways, Uh, not much else happened. I ran into an Anti guy I met a while ago, again. He said Nephi was a murder and a bearer of false witness and God would never tell him to do that. We told him to read the old testament, and gave him some examples of God using the rightous to bring judgement on the wicke.... hahaha. Then he held up his phone that he was looking up bible scriptures on and said, "what do you think this is!?" and Elder Lesh said, "thats a word search." BOOM! We handeled it well but he still left being stupid. I told him if he wouldn't pray and ask God about the Book of Mormon, and not question some 20 year old kids on the street then we can do nothing for him and walked away.

The End!

NEXT WEEK!: Hear more about my adventures in Yuma!

Love Elder Feller
A message I left for some people that we didnt see for a while.

Me, Brandon, Justin, Zack, Elder Lesh. Justin Baptized his two friends on his sides

They're goofy

The death of Elder Lesh & I's companion ship, but not our love.

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  1. That is so awesome about the baptisms! It sounds like a great week! I hope you continue to have great success in your areas!

    We hope you got our Christmas presents! We are so happy you will be serving this Christmas! I loved serving over Christmas time. I have some of the best memories during the holidays!

    We may talk with you! It looks like your parents are coming here for Christmas!

    We are proud of you! Sorry we haven't written for some time. We haven't forgotten about you!
    :) Take care boy!

    One more thing. The pictures you sent this week don't seem to work. I am working with your parents trying to see if they can see them but you may want to resend them so I can post them. :) BYE!