Monday, November 7, 2011

Daniel vs The Cold!

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 13:25:01 -0700

We went from busy last week to nothing this week. All our potentials are falling through and we're basically down to two investigators. One of which was dodging us all last week... But we finally got in contact and are going to set something up soon.

Its getting really cold in Arizona! Its like 60's outside right now. I had to wear a jacket last night while we were biking. I was freezing cold and then I realized that I couldn't even see my breath... So in reality it wasn't that cold... But I'm not used to that. It was 115 for too long!

We've had a lot of meetings with our ward leaders this week. We're really trying to get stuff going in the wards. Yes, again. But they've been good. We're trying to keep up the momentum to get it all rolling, and they some of them seem to be excited about getting it done. That's the most effective thing we can be doing.

Ada is still doing really well. She was sick, so she couldn't make it to church this week. But we had two good lessons with her, where we talked a lot about the questions she had and what we can do to help her get baptized. She doesnt feel like she's repented of her issues with her family, and so she doesn't feel worthy to be baptized. Plus, we have to work on her testimony of the restoration... But we're getting there.

Everything else is cruising along. Transfers are next week, so we'll see what happens.


Getting Elder Cunningham's bike welded.


  1. It seems like things are going well but some change may be good! Hope transfers go well and that your investigators can get on the ball! We are going to miss you like crazy this week! We hope you have a great week!

    Love ya!

  2. Hey buddy! I just read this week's letter and loved hearing your thought process. You chastised yourself and rather than pouting over your frustrations you figured out what you needed to do and did it. I'm glad things are going well with Ada. I can't wait to see the new tie! We love and miss you.