Monday, February 7, 2011

Daniel VS Sloooooooooooooow weeks

Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 13:05:18 -0700

"These kids are disco dancing, they're tired of rock and roll, I'm tryin' to tell them that that drum machine ain't got no SOUL!"
No big news here... I'm coming my hair the other way now... I guess thats cool.

oh wait,

ONE OF THE PASTORS OF THE LOCAL MEGA-CHURCH MOVED INTO THE APARTMENT NEXT TO US! Check it, so we're planning the other night and I hear all this comotion outside, so I go see if we're getting new neighbors and as I walk out the already wide open door he says "oh hey are you the neighbor!" and I said, "yeah whats up man, we missionaries for out church and 4 of us live here. Can we help you move in or anything" and he said no they were almost done. Then I go inside and a few mins later, one of the spanish Elders we live with went out to talk to him. And this time, the guy introduced himself and said he was a pastor at the Genterations Church, a local Mega Church in Yuma. (Mega Church is defined as a huge non-denominational Christian church, that is like... how do I say it... i dont know, Like a party church pretty much) Then he said, "Yeah the real big difference between us is that we believe Jesus is God, and you believe Jesus is the Son of God." Elder Lindquist politely agreed, even though a claim of a restored Church of Christ with a living prophet is the real difference. Then he said he doesnt like to have doctrinal debates, which is good because we dont bible bash either. So the converstation politely ended again and we went back inside. a few mins later me and my companion went outside to go get mail from the other missionaries who live in the same complex and we heard the pastor in the back of their Uhaul saying something about "the flesh of God" or something in an angry tone, but when he saw us, he stopped right away. It was pretty funny...

Also this week, I have a HUGE infection on my face. I'll spare you all the gorry details but I thought it was just a huge pimple at first so I tried everything to get rid off it. Lots of acne wash, neosporin, hot water and pain trying to drain it. This morning I went to the doctor and he said it was an infection and gave me a perscription and sent me to the pharmacy right away. Now I'm taking a anti-biotic pill 4 times a day, and a face rub 3 times a day. Gross.

AND! We found this huge statue of Mary! Its on the way back from this little spanish town that we cover for the english work there. Pictures are better than words. Look below.

It was as pretty slow week. But Ashley and Robert were at Church! And we're planning on baptizing Bob pretty soon!

Elder Daniel Feller

Giant Marry Statue. Life size person with a like ... 12 foot cross behind her.

What Somerton looks like

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  1. Um... that is some crazy statue!!! We had a monsterous crucifix on a church in Pennsylvania. It was massive! Makes me laugh a little.