Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daniel vs The 2nd Transfer


Yay. Some may think, "Ew, why the heck would he still want to be in that desolate wasteland that the military uses to drop bombs on?" and I would agree, but what sucks worse than being here is only being in an area for 6 weeks.

But hey, Yuma is not that bad. We got lots of good stuff coming up.

And, I'm still with my same companion. The first time ever for me. Its going to be interesting.

No really cool stories this week. So just a short email with a few lame stories: First! We went to a dinner who's kids are very good friends with this kid we're teaching who is the number one Cross Country runner in the state of Arizona. And I tell my companion ('cause sometimes I have to coach him on conversations) that we'll save that piece of conversation as like our trump card, when things get awkward and quiet and then maybe they can help us out. So we sit down, have prayer, and then BAM! He busts it out! poorly as well. I was like "noooooooooooooooooo!" They were like "really thats cool" and talked about it for like a min and a half, and then it was a waaaaaaaaay awkward dinner. I was out of it as far as conversation goes, because I was still stunned that he said it right off the bat!

Then, My comp's bike pedal broke, so we were biking home, cruising, taking our time as to not over exert the bikes, and then a member offered us a ride. So we put our bikes in his truck and got in. He was listening to his XM radio, and we generally dont bug people about stuff like that by asking them to turn it off when they're being nice to us, (or ever) but the song "Candles" by Hey Monday came on! I almost died. Its been so long since I've heard that gorgeous voice.

Then! Not really that exciting, but because it was transfers, some missionaries were leaving Yuma, so they wanted Yuma pins for their suits/collections. And because the ex-Mayor is in our ward they wanted us to get them from him, because the ones in the city hall suck. So we went over there, chatted with him for a little bit, and then asked for the pins. He said yes, and reached over and grabbed one off his coffee table and then his wife grabbed a whole bag of them from a drawer by their TV. I got three, one for me, my District Leader, Elder Varner, who asked for one, and then another one, just in case. Then she gave us these City of Yuma "Challenge Coins" its this huge heavy coin with the city seal and logo on it. Its pretty cool. Definitely a good souvenir. But when we went to give away the pins, I gave one to Elder Varner, then the Zone Leader he lives with asked for one, and then some greenie leaving asked for one too! So I had to give away mine! Which is the second time because I gave my original one to this Elder who got his visa and went to Mexico!

So yeah, Told you, boring week.


Elder Feller

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