Thursday, January 20, 2011

Daniel vs Week 5

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:02:07 -0700

Hello All. Its week 5 of this transfer. Which means transfers happen next week. I'm super anxious! I dont know whats going to happen!
Oh, by the way, GUESS WHO TURNS 6 MONTHS THIS FRIDAY! Yeah, thats right. on January 21st 2011 The world will have been missing me for 6 whole months. Thats 1/4th of a mission. I expect lots of birthday presents 
Lets see, what else happened...
LAST NIGHT I ATE THE BEST PANCAKES IN THE WORLD. Ok, back story time, So there's this guy in the ward who helps the missionaries out all the time. He's just a cool, young, successful guy. We went to ask him something a couple saturday nights ago and he was having a party in his back yard where him and these 400 pound mexicans were jumping off the waterfall of his pool and shaking the ground with the shockwave, then a nice lady made us some carne asada tacos.... mmmm. my favorite. But so he's the type of guy who is married with 3 kids, but plays xbox and does stupid stuff with his friends (i.e. jumping off of waterfalls with ginormous mexicans.) So he had us over for dinner last night and his wife is telling us that this pancake mix is really good. (It was breakfast for dinner) and then we're eating them and I'm like... Holy crap, these are the most delicious pancakes I've ever tasted. Seriously. I cant describe it. Ok, I can, If I were the prophet Lehi, I would be dreaming about eating these pancakes off the tree of life. Then his wife had to go do something and he's talking to use about this mix, and he was like "yeah, I just get tired of bisquick and that kind of stuff, so I heard they were pretty good so I ordered a crate of them from the eastern united states because they dont sell them anywhere arround here." It was awesome. So now, Just like the prophet Lehi, I invite my family to partake. The brand is called "Aretha Frankenstein". Do whatever you can to get ahold of them. They will change your life.
So yesterday we also rode out bikes like all day. Because we're a little over on our miles for the month. It was pretty fun. I'm sure you're all thinking "oh its pretty chilly in January that must have been nice" but no, it was 85 degrees in Yuma yesterday. Pray for me to leave this place before summer... But seriously biking is pretty fun. We can talk to a lot more people that way. and in a car, you finish everything so fast. But, I am grateful for our car. because missionaries are always late. And bikes dont help. And my bike didnt fall apart this time!
So we're teaching this couple named Ashley and Robert. Robert is a less active member from forever. He doesnt know anything about the church. But they are super nice, and very interested. We found them because Robert is the brother of a sister in the ward, who was in the exact same situation a year ago! A boyfriend/girlfriend where one wants to do the whole gospel thing but the other one doesnt want to get married first! So its super funny when we teach them because his sister and her husband will call them out and tell them they have to do this. And it works because they are the perfect example. Well... not really perfect, but they work. Its really good. We're hoping to make some progress on them.
Also! I dont know if I've mentioned Bob before, but he's an old guy who lives in a trailer park and the thugs there pick on him. He loves the church and wants to join. But he doesnt want to stop smoking weed. And he's 63. So we're trying to help him move because people keep messing with him and breaking into his house. So once we get him moved, we're going to take his weed and say no more! Then he'll get baptized! He's hilarious. He was in the military in Korea and still swears like it...
Things are getting boring. Yuma is still hot. I hear all the old people leave when it gets hot. They all come from Utah and other cold places. Can you imagine that!? Moving every season change. Gosh. Just move to California...
Next week I promise to have some pictures. Maybe even show you guys all the ties I've collected!
Speaking of ties, Please dont forget that I'm always on a hunt for ties. Especially nice silks. Like, nice thick quality silks. The thin ones arent that good. But I need more nice Church/Meetings ties! I dont like to wear my old grandpa ties with a suit.
My dream tie, is a nice, thick, silk, with Paisley and Stripes. Its hard to find..
Got to go. Times up.
Love, Elder Feller. 

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  1. Those pancakes sound awesome! We will have to check it out!
    We will also keep looking for ties!
    I would have loved to ride bikes on my mission! It sounds so awesome!!!