Monday, June 6, 2011

Daniel vs Five On Date

Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 10:48:01 -0700

This whole week was long, hard, and HOT. Not much has happened since last P-Day. Of course, I'm still in Queen Creek with Elder Baird. Transfers past and we're going round two. Wednesday, we weren't allowed to go to transfer meeting unless we were getting transferred... so our roommates called us from there and put us on speakerphone so we could listen to the whole thing. It was pretty funny. Except everyone already knew where they were going so it wasn't that surprising. Last week everyone getting transferred found out when they signed on to write their emails to the Mission President. Because we put in our stats and it tells us our wards. The funniest part of that was a sister missionary who got emotional when she found out she was going to Yuma. The called me over to talk to her about it, and I found out she was going to my old area! So my old Yuma area now has sisters!  Weird. But she was worried and asked me if it was really ghetto. She's from Idaho, so I had to say yes. But its still cool! oh well.

So the most exciting part about this week is that Ryland and Jaycee Wilkins are getting baptized on Wednesday morning! Its really exciting. Bro. Wilkins got the priesthood from his grandpa. It was a super powerful blessing! He drove us home after and was just amazed, he said "wow that was powerful... my lip was quivering!" So we're super happy. We will have pictures of their baptism next week!

Also, The Monganes are planning on July 9th for Baptism! We're still working with them, but thats when their friends are going to be in town. So that's awesome! So we have 5 baptisms coming up. Two of them are 8 year olds so they dont count as convert baptisms, but who cares. They count as souls saved in my heart!
Ohhh, we were at Brother Powell's house, just chit-chatting, hoping to fit in a lesson, and then all of a sudden his kid runs inside, crying, with blood pouring out of his mouth. He biffed it on his bike. So they went to the ER... And we had to leave.

Also, We had a crazy day. We had to take a missionary with us for the day while his companion was in a meeting. So we were making some copys of some stuff and then he  decided he needed to go all the way to his area to wash this guys truck so that he would listen to them. So we didnt have anything going on so we decided to go. We had to get a ride all the way down there, in this tiny little truck because he wasnt expecting three of us and we finally get to this guys house and he is loading his truck up, so we cant wash it. Then we have to walk 2.5 miles back to his house where we met his companion and got a ride back to our area. Not that cool of a story, but it explains the random pictures below. Elder Russell and I. He's tiny. 
Until Next Week,
Elder Feller

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