Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 10:53:21 -0700

Daniel vs 11 Months!

Wow. Tomorrow is my 11 month birthday. Its hard to believe I've been out that long. It really doesn't feel like it.

The coolest thing that happened this week was:

We went to Brother Powell's house. We've taught him all the lessons and hes waiting to go to Yuma to "talk about some stuff with his parents." We're assuming baptism. But anyways, we show up at his house just to say hi. We talked for a little bit and he talks about fathers day. Well his 7 year old son takes this to mean that fathers day is right now, so he goes and gets this book "Fathers of our Faith" with President Monson on the front and gives it to his dad. Bro. Powell laughs and asks him what it is. The kid says, "Mom said to give it to you for fathers day!" and we all started laughing really hard. He gives it back to him and says "hid it until Sunday and I'll act surprised!" then turns to us and says "I think she's trying to give me another hint" It was so funny. Meanwhile we're trying to sneak a lesson in there, and we talk for a while and he says, "well do you guys have a lesson or anything tonight?" Of course we do. We read 3 Nephi 27 with him. The Doctrine of Christ. And his sister in law comes in as our member present. The spirit power punches every one of us and it was an awesome lesson. His wife walks in at the very end and is like "So do we have a date set for baptism!?" I guess they were putting the pressure on him earlier because he just kinda stared at the ground. Oh, I forgot: The whole time his step son's mission call is sitting on the table in the other room. But he's in Nauvoo with the other youth in the ward. So Bro. Powell asks us to come back on Saturday for dinner and to open the misson call. So we move our dinner around and go back on Saturday. We get there a little early so we go to the store with Bro. Powell to get some stuff. We stoped by the bike store to pick up my companions new bike and he also gets me a new comfy bike seat because mine was broken. (By the way, Bro. Powell is the nicest person probably ever) So we go home and everyone is there waiting for his step-son, Ty, to open it. Meanwhile, Bro. Powell is going crazy making tons of chicken wings for everyone. He's also an awesome cook. The chicken wings were aammaazziinngg. But Ty opens his mission call, and at the dread of his mother, he's going to ZIMBABWE! Pretty crazy. He's jumping arround all excited, Bro. Powell is passing out the most amazing teriaki, buffalo, and bbq chicken wings ever, Elder Baird and I are talking to a non-member girl who goes to a huge non-denom church, trying to get her interested (didn't work). But Elder Baird and I hang out with Bro. Powell and the family a little more, and he keeps giving us these extra wings. I was sooo full. But it was really amazing, and the spirit was really strong.

So Bro. Powell is going to Yuma and California this weekend and he's going to talk with his parents while he's there.

Other than that this week was really slow. We had dinner with one of our favorite families, the Seymore's, on Fathers Day. He gave us some flat brimmed ASU hats! Pictured below. And we're probably going to get some more.  The family really likes us too because we remind them of their sons who are on missions right now.

That's all for this week,

Elder Feller

Hiking San Tan Mountian
Karate Kid at the top.
Birthday cake cookies! Thanks mom!

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  1. I can't believe you have been out this long!!! WOW! Time sure is flying by! I love the pictures. It seems like you are enjoying yourself a lot.

    I am so curious as to what happens with Bro. Powell. Keep us informed!