Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 4th - No Title (Probably should be Called Daniel vs. the Jungle or the Gauntlet

Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 11:58:27 -0700

Hello family! This past week was pretty much the same as usual. It was really hot. Most people in Queen Creek seem to dissapear when it gets hot.
Lots of fun stuff!
First things first! We taught the Mongane family! More like, just got them ready for the Baptism this saturday! We were doing to program and stuff. We had to bike outside of our area, like 3 miles, and it was 118 degrees outside. But they're all excited for the baptism!
Also, we stoped by this family's house and they werent home. But they have a jungle built in their yard! Pictures below.
So there were all these signs up for a missing turtle in one of our neighbor hoods this week. They were pretty funny signs. And we were biking in the day and it was really hot and no one was out... and we found the turtle! My companion saw it so I went over to the sign to get the phone number. and I was messing with my companion and reading him the description, making sure it was the right turtle. And these members we know pull up and ask us whats going on. We tell them we found the turtle! Then she gets out of the car, and takes the turtle away back to her house! We thought we were goign to be the heroes. But they did give the reward to us. 15 bucks at cold stone! But our glory and hopefully a teaching moment got stolen!
Also, one of our really good potential investigators, who is the girlfriend of this member, (They're like 50) came up to us at church and told us she got baptized. We thought they were joking... I kind of assumed she wanted to get baptized, but no. She really got baptized without us last weekend. They went up to Utah to go to his daughters wedding. She was talking to their friend up there about some gospel question she had, resolved her concern, and then asked when she wanted to get baptized. She said "how about friday in your pool?" So they called the utah missionaries up there, got her interviewed and baptized... with out us, her actual missionaries... So that was pretty funny. There goes one of our awesome potentials for this month... 
One more weird lame thing, pictured below is the Guantlet. We caught some scorpions and some other missionaries gave us a black widow and we had them fight. They just kinda sat there for a few days. But this morning! The scorpion is huge and black inside.... and the black widow is gone! Scoprion 1... black widow 0. Pretty awesome.
We're still working on finding. I've met with all the bishops and ward mission leaders and am still trying to implement all the stuff they're supposed to be doing. Thats what I feel like God has been telling me to do. So I'm trying. So far its going good. But nothing much to report this week.

Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 12:03:05 -0700

The rest of the pictures..
PS I forgot to mention the huge statue of Moroni! Its at this excommunicated guys house who's trying to come back. Its pretty sweet. 

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  1. Um... the gauntlet is so creepy. It kind of makes me uncomfortable.

    That yard is amazing and that statue is amazing! WOW!!!