Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daniel vs Africa

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2011 10:49:41 -0700

Transfer week! I'm staying and my companion is leaving.

The Mongane's baptism went AMAZING. It lasted an hour and a half. In the talk on baptism, she included a little bit of the family's story, about their journy fleeing from Africa, to here. I dont konw how much I've written already, but Roy Mongane fled The DR Congo after being arrested at a peace rally. He escaped from prison, got a visa to America, and ended up being found by a man here and joining the Church. Meanwhile, his family was moving to different countries, waiting until he could get them to America. For 6 years, the lived in different countries. They started going to Church over there. When they finally made it here, there was so many problems and delays getting to the airport. They got held up in Customs in Dubai, and his youngest son, Joseph, (named after the Prophet) screamed about getting to America to see his dad, because he had never seen him before. Then again in LAX. The next flight wasnt for a while, so the members here in Queen Creek got ahold of a Bishop in LA. He took them in for the night and sent them on a plane to Pheonix the next day. After getting settled for a month or so, we were able to teach them. Last saturday they were baptized. Roy was able to baptize them. He got into the baptismial font, and started moving and splashing arround. Then he started singing "Count your Manny blessings" in french or Swahili. His wife, Rachel, came down into the water and started singing with him. Everyone was silent, and the spirit was so strong. He then baptized her and his two daughters, Ansi and Alice. Then in the talk on the Holy Ghost, the man to took him in and introduced him to the Church in Virginia spoke on the Holy Ghost. He talked about how the Holy Ghost had prepared these people to come to America. And, since Roy is a decentant of Ephraim, how a literal dicendant of the House of Joseph was brought to the promised land.
The next day in Sacrament meeting, during the confirmations, there were so many people in the circle I could hardly get my hand in there. But it was amazing as well. Roy did an awesome job giving some wonderful blessings to his family. His wife cried, and one of his daughters hugged him and said "thank you daddy!"

It was really amazing. Nothing Else that happened this week matters.

Elder Feller

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  1. What an awesome week! I am glad that the baptism went well and that they seem so happy. That is a perfect week!

    Thanks for sharing!