Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Daniel vs The Heat!

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 10:58:13 -0700

Its starting to get hot! Its going to be a fun, sweaty, summer here in Gilbert on our bikes. Things are going amazing here in Gilbert. My companion is Elder Parrot. Like the bird. So we both get lame jokes on our names. He's from Atlanta Georgia, but really from Springville Utah until a year before he came out. No, he doesn't know any of you.

We are having a blast here in Gilbert. We have pretty much no people to teach, and its getting hotter. But we've been trying to master the goal setting principles in Preach My Gospel, and the ones we've been trained on as a mission and we're already seeing the huge blessings from that. I'll send a picture of our goal setting board next week. Totally forgot.

I've also set a goal to take more pictures. So expect pictures pretty much every week.

The kid next to me is watching Star Wars videos on Youtube........ this is making writing hard.

I cover 6 wards now, in 4 square miles. Welcome to Gilbert Arizona. Mormon Town USA. But its nice. I'm in the Highland Stake and I cover the Lake View Trails, Higley Groves, Page, 3rd, Lexington and Constellation wards. The two most exciting about it are: 1. Lexington ward is a singles ward! and 2. Lake View Trails is doing the ward council process perfectly! Without me even slapping them into shape.

But anyways. We have one person on date for baptism on the 26th. She is in our singles ward. Her name is Briana. She's awesome! She took the lessons from some sisters in Phoenix, so teaching her is a easy. She is so ready, and is awesome. Haha, her Boyfriend welcomed me to the ward in Elders Quorum on Sunday and was like "see, he's already got one baptism coming up" and I was tempted to say, "I left 3 on date in Yuma!" But I didn't want to make him feel bad...

BUT! Potentially we could get 3 this transfer. Well... potentially we could get 6. But probably three... But hopefully 6.

Theres also Jake Baker. He's awesome. He bore his testimony to us last night when we asked if he wanted to get baptised and why. We'll be setting that date on Thursday.

Also, Chuck! I don't really know Chuck, but he's awesome. He just moved from North Dakota and was invited by his neighbor to go to church. Now he wants to be a Mormon. He's 63. He came and saw us speak in church on Sunday and I think he liked it... we haven't talked to him a whole lot since. But our talks were great, if I do say so myself. I made everyone laugh with a risky joke, it paid off. I said, "Since I'm speaking first I guess I should tell you all about how me and Elder Parrott met..." then everyone laughed and I told the transfer meeting story.

And the potential 3 more are these kids who are pretty much waiting on their dad to get worthy to baptize them.

Well thats all,
Love Elder Feller

I've got some cool pictures.
Me and the famous Wells Fargo Horses!

The first scorpion I've ever seen.

A hobo sleeping on the side of the church.

This house was an Extreme Make Over house! In my area. Used to belong to a less active member.


  1. Daniel, You make me laugh! Happy to hear that you are having great success on your mission. Your little cousins are praying for you every night! Love, Aunt Robynn

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  3. Ok a couple things:
    Scorpions are scary and how did you take that picture?

    The Extreme Makeover house has a dumpster next to it... that is weird.

    The WF horse is cool!!!

    It sounds like Gilbert is going to be a fun area for you! I hope you have a great time there!