Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daniel vs the 200 Challenge!

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 11:10:18 -0700

Hello! Last week was a pretty awesome week. Elder Parrott and I succeded in the talk to 200 people challenge. We didn't believe it could be done. So we did it. But now we're thinking we should back off from talking to people at the park... I dont want it to become the place where "the mormons will attack you!"

Breana's baptism went amazing! The spirit was so strong. Some of her family that pretty much kicked her out of the house came. I didnt get the chance to talk to them but I hope they liked it. Breana walked out of the changing room in the white jump suit thing and we went up to her and asked if we could get some pictures. She was like "in this!?" and I said, "yeah just a few" so we went out there to take the standard missionary baptism picture and then like a million people came out and the simple picture became a big event! Haha. It was funny because before she was getting mad at her boy friend for saying he was going to put pictures of her in the jumpsuit up on facebook, and I told her we would be the only ones with the pictures... oops. But yeah, the picture is below.

I went on exchanges with Elder Gunter on monday. That was pretty fun. We taught 4 lessons in one day and they were all really good! It was an amazing day. haha. One of the lessons was with a guy he talked to the other night. We were teaching the first lesson and I was talkng about how God has always had a prophet and he says "wait, is there a prophet today!?" and we're like whoa hold your horses! You're skipping ahead. Then we were talking about the great apostacy and we paused and he said "...and then what happened?" It was so perfect! hahaha. He was all into it.

We also taught another lesson that night to one of his current investigators. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then at the end we asked if he had any questions. He said, "yeah I do. What does faith mean to you." pointing to Elder Gunter. These are my favorite times in lessons, when an investigator almost challenges you like that, because the spirit gets so strong and its perfect for testifying. So Elder Gunter did an amazing job, and then he turned to me and asked. So I bore my testimony on faith and how important it is to me and how it is the building block for everything we believe in. He really liked that. Oh yeah! We preach two by two, double trouble!

Thats all!

Elder Feller

Look what I made! A tie rack!

I was trying to catch the reflection of an airplane on my glasses. It didnt work. But mom keeps asking if I have sunglasses so I thought I'd show her.

you got flamingo'd?

$70,000 "sand rails" is what people in Arizona do for fun. But it has a corvette engine

Close up of all my poly ties. I keep my nice silks separate.

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