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Baptism week baby. We have an amazing convert this weekend. I cant really claim her, because she was ready when moved here from Phoenix and was taught by some sisters there, and I've only taught her once. But she passed the interview and she's all ready! So pictures next week.
I know it seems like I never have baptisms, and that's because I never do! I always move when everybody's ready! haha. Its no fun. But I promise I'll have a few while in Gilbert.
Nothing really special this week. Elder Parrott and I have begun a 200 OYM challenge. Thats 200 people talked to on the streets in 7 days! Its nuts, but its morning day 3 and we're at 65. Yeah, we got 45 yesterday! Because thats pretty much all we did. We didnt have anyone to teach. But we're getting lots of referrals from all the members we talk to. Because this is Gilbert, and in 4 square miles, there aren't 200 non-members that are going to be outside. But working through peoples friends is the best way, especially here where lots of people hate the Mormons because they're "not in the club." Which is sad that they feel that way. But we're here to help them get in the club.
Oh someone got us a Tie Bag this week. Pictures below. 50 pounds of ties. Very few good ones.
OH! Even cooler! We have a deaf investigator. I havent taught him yet, because the ASL missionaries in Mesa are silly. BUT! They hooked us up with a translator. Her name is Julie Croft. Like Laura Croft. Tomb Raider. But we had an appointment monday night and we were waiting for the guy to show up and talking to Sis. Croft, who is a college student at ASU, and she was telling us about sign language and stuff. It was cool. She said she just started translating for church and she had to learn all these new words, or signs for words she already knew. We of course asked her if she learned funeral potatoes and jello yet. hahah. But we also learned "Hi, I'm a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints". But in ASL its more like "Missionary Church Jesus Christ Last Day Saint." I'll send a video of me doing it later. We also asked why deaf people dont like to read, because it makes no sence right? WRONG! ASL is completely different. Reading in english is like a whole different language. So our investigator watches the scriptures!  Its pretty cool.
Chuck is praying about the 9th of April for Baptism! So we're praying really hard too! We've been asking him to pray out loud and he says its weird for him. Haha. Its weird to me that its weird for him! Because I grew up my whole life doing it, so its hard to relate. But he's trying and he's doing better. Maybe next  time we'll force him to say the closing prayer. I love hearing investigators pray. Especially ones that haven't had a history of prayer. They're very honest and sincere in what they want and its awesome.
Invite your friends to church! Its not that scary. They wont get mad. They will get Baptised.
Elder Feller
Some sweet pictures this week. Ties and that cookie recepie that mom lost! I found it in a members cook book! Its a newer version though. 

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  1. Holy Cow! That bag of ties is incredible!!! It sounds like you are doing so well! I am so happy to hear that. Those cookies sound great also!