Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daniel vs Conference Weekend!

Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2011 11:13:36 -0700

So this past weekend was conference. It was weird going to 10 hours of Church over two days instead of 8 hours all at once! But conference was amazing! Going around every day and telling people how great it is that we have a living prophet on the earth really puts conference in perspective. When it began, and President Monson was talking I got an overwhelming feeling. It was awesome. Remember how President Uchtdorf was talking about how the church is reaching out though technology? Its true. Our whole mission has texting now, and all our new pass along cards guide people to, which is an AMAZING website! Everything on gets really connected too! I would encourage everyone to use that to the max! I really learned a lot, and it answered a lot of my questions.

Which is funny because this week we also had interviews! So I didnt have that many questions for President...

Interviews were awesome too! The Zone Leaders trained on getting real fellowships for our investigators, not just having a "member present" which is what the stat is called for a lessons taught with a member there. Then the AP's trained on how important prayer was, and talked a lot about that, which was really good, until it was my turn to be interviews and I missed the last 10 mins of the training AND Elder Rands' departing testimony! Elder Rands has been AP since my second transfer, so way back when I was in Saint Johns. He's an awesome guy, and a stud missionary. And I missed his departing testimony! But my interview was really good. I walked in the little room in the church and President had this board with all this stuff on it, and was erasing all the numbers. He didn't even turn around when I walked in and he said, "hello Elder Feller, take a seat" it was funny. Like in a movie. But then he asked me all my numbers from last week and I was like "dang, I wish you did this a week ago when I wasn't kinda sick... and burned out from getting 200 oyms last week" Plus it didn't look to good because our teaching was down because we only could teach one guy once last week, and our other progressing investigator is stuck in North Dakota because is snowed up there! haha, funny story, we were talking to his neighbor and he called Chuck (the guy from ND) and Chuck said he was snowed in, and his neighbor was like, "that's funny, because its 98 degrees here and my kids are swimming!" (It got pretty hot last weekend) But anyways, president didnt give me too hard a time about the numbers, he said we were doing about as good as most, and I explained to him everything going on.There was a point to the numbers! He's not just all about "stats" but its hard to explain it all so I wont. Then I asked him some other questions about some stuff. The funny thing is, president isn't always supper talkative in interviews, but always asks what he can do for you. If you say nothing, then your interview is short and you dont learn allot. So I always come with specific questions about whats going on in my area and its really helpful.

So, P-Day is switching to Mondays in a couple weeks, on direction from the Missionary Department... LAME!

Oh, we got a referral from Elder Gunter the other day! He called and said he talked to this lady and her daughter who want to get baptised, and we he gave us the name he said, "April... Elizabeth... Fools." and I was too excited so I said "fools? Like 'oh thou fools'?" and he laughed and said yeah. Then I said "So her name is April Fools?" and then I realized what just happened. :(

Well thats pretty much it. We had a pretty slow week otherwise.

Wait. I forgot the most important thing. Ok, maybe second most important after hearing the prophet. Remember (FLASHBACK!) when I was in Saint Johns and I told you a Sister in Springerville made us the best apple pie I've ever tasted? I might not have told you but that happened. Well, she's in Gilbert now. I was telling my companion about the apple pie in the mountains (everynight, so good) and I said, but this sister makes the best apple pie I've ever had. So the next wednesday in Wal Mart he went up to her and said, "Elder Feller has been spreading rumors about you." and my companion is kinda a jokster so I was like "oh no!" and then he said "He said you make the best apple pie in the world." She said, "yeah, its true." And agreed to make us some. So she gave it to us at conference and we ate it. And it was the best... ever. So we were trying to think of a way to pay her back, and so we're going to make 4 batches of "Muddy Buddies" and give it all to her. Quantity for Quality, right?

Well that's really all of it.


-Elder Feller

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