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Daniel vs Muddy Buddies

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This week was pretty average. A hard week for missionary work here in Gilbert. I dont know whats going on! Things just seem to be falling apart... no, not really. Just losing momentum. We need to pic it back up.
Chuck came back from North Dakota! But the problem is, he brought his girl friend! She doesnt want to get married and so that makes baptism hard. Apparently he had dropped her before... But you know what happens when you get snowed in North Dakota for a few extra days... But we're looking at it in a positive way. A two for one! It'll just take a little longer to happen thats all. The gospel is true, so its only a matter of time. The same principle applies to microwaving stuff. When you put two hot pockets in, it takes longer!
Also, we had "the baptism" talk with Jake. He's a little resistant to do it so fast. He feels like he needs to work some stuff out first. The problem is, getting him to understand that baptism will help him with all that. So we're still working on that. It doesnt help that his fellowship is in China for the next couple days.
So we made a ton of muddy buddies to thank the sisters for making us a pie... not just any pie, the best pie ever. Pictures bellow. It was pretty intense. We multiplied the normal recipie ... wait for it... TIMES FOUR!
Last sunday we taught our usual "Sunday night at 7 at the Stake President's house" lesson. Our stake president here is really awesome, and really trying to get missionary work going in his stake. So he has this young couple, Troy and Alexis, come over, and we teach them. Her parents are converts from this year. And they are really interested in getting married forever. Yes, we're the only church that can do that. They are awesome. But they're in a tricky situation for baptism because they live togeather, the wedding is not untill late may, and they arent in a situation for one of them to move right now... I guess. But I was asking some inspired questions last sunday and I asked "how did you feel at your parents baptism?" and Alexis said it felt powerful and Troy agreed and I said, "Do you want that same thing? Do you want to be baptized?" The both said yes! He light up like a flame thrower and was all for doing it right then! But she wants to be more sure... lame! But we'll get them soon enough. They are so cool. We got a text during church last sunday from the other missionaries saying Troy and Alexis went to one of their ward and were participating in church, and they knew all the answers from what we taught them! It was so cool! And when Alexis prayed at the end of our lesson, she thanked God for the opporitunity to learn from us, and to make her mom proud by knowing all the answers in Church. Does it get any better?
We also designed a t-shirt and are waiting for it to be printed! Its pretty awesome. Some zones in the mission will do zone t shirts. so we decided to do an area t shirt. It has my and my comps face on it, and some stuff on the back. I'll save the surprise for when I have pictures.
Last night we taught the first lesson to a kid of a part member family. But the non-member dad sat in! So it was hard to teach a 7 year old while trying to focus on the dad. But it turned out really good. We committed them to read and pray about the book of mormon as a family!
Pretty fun stuff. Plus: EASTER PAGENT STARTS THIS WEEK! We have one appointment to go next tuesday, and we're hoping for a few more! Coolest thing is: We can reserve seats for us and our investigators in the front rows! Or at least a little part of it. Its going to be so sweet!
Thats all foir this week!
-Elder Daniel Feller
A familiar sight.

"Bland Homes" !?
I'm so serious

All the stuff for muddy buddies. (we didnt use ALL that)

Action shot!
The ammount of cereal
Final product.

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