Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daniel vs Monday P-day

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 10:58:27 -0700

Happy Monday P-Day! My email comes early this week because P-day has officially been moved to mondays.

We went to the easter pageant two more times since I got here! Thursday and Friday.

Thursday was cool because we went with a part member family that we're not really teaching... But we talked to him on the way home and he agreed to pray about taking the lessons! Hopefully he will. He's whats known as a "Dry-Mormon" - meaning: Not baptised.

Then Friday was crazy! We had to fill the font for another missionary's baptism because he was at some meeting, then we went to dinner then we went biking outside, ran into one of our investigators on his golf cart, he's HOA president so he just rides around, and he said, "yeah I want to go tonight." Its like 6:00 at this point on friday. So the pageant is already packed and we said ok, but we gotta leave right now and we probably wont get good seats. He demanded good seats... So he calls the Mesa Temple Visitors center, talks to an old lady missionary and she says she'll get him a seat because he walks with a crutch. We go home to get in suits and he goes home to get ready. Its like 6:15 and he agrees to be at our house at 6:25. 6:45 rolls around and he pulls up. We finally leave, and then he doesn't have his handicapped parking thing. So we go get that, and get to Mesa, the long way, and then get a parking spot... finally. Its like 7:45 when we come up to the pageant. The pageant starts at 8 and people have been sitting since 4:30. He walks in the visitors center and the Sister says, "you were supposed to be here earlier!" and he explains, and she goes up to the missionary seating and gets him a seat right up front. We had to stand off to the side. But it was so funny. And you really have to understand that this thing is PACKED. Especially the last friday of the show.

Anyways. Saturday was boring. We got anti'd and I got mad. I totally anti'd him back, and then realized what I was doing and then left. I dont like to deal with that. ps, NO ONE tells me that the Bible says that "the bible is the infallible word of God" and doesn't show me where. But I dont want to get into that story.

Sunday was easter! I'm greeting people at church, showing myself off, and then they pull me and my companion up into the ward choir. I hear the song one time, and then go back and sit down. So I had to sing in church. But anyways. Church was fun.
We had easter dinner at our Ward Mission Leader's house. I got to know him. He's awesome, and we're expecting big things for that ward!

... Then I woke up this morning. Monday P-days are weird.

We heard if you surround a scorpion with fire it'll stab itself in the head. It just ran into the fire and got burned.
April, 2011.
I've been learning piano!
Just kidding! The church has fake pianos here.

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  1. Since Daniel didn't title this one himself, I'll call it "Daniel v. Monday P-day"

    Eric Feller