Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Daniel VS Transfers!

Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 14:33:16 -0700

Hello from Queen Creek!

Yes. I got transfered again. Two six week areas! Man. But whatever. I keep telling myself that its a sign of lack of faith to be too disapointed and complain about leaving. Gilbert was fun and a learned alot. I'll miss Elder Parrott. We didnt even get our T-Shirts in time! Ahhh.

So not too much happened this week.

We biked up to Jake's house because his fellowship is in China. We read from the Book of Mormon with him. It went really well. We learned he doesnt read too well which is probably why he hasnt been reading on his own. We read 3 Nephi 27 with him and explained the whole thing. He really enjoyed that and I think it helped him a lot.

That night... Transfer calls. Every monday before transfers the zone leaders get a call from the APs, who call the District Leaders who call us. Elder Gunter called me monday night and said I was getting transfered! Nooooo!

Then tuesday. We spent tuesday packing and saying bye to people. Then at night we went to the Easter Pagent with Chuck! And his girlfriend came too! We had to call ahead on monday to get seats. Thats right, missionaries can reserve front row seats! Its pretty sweet. Oh, thats a funny story too. Elder Parrott called on monday to reserve the seats, and he talked to a sister in the Mesa Mission at the visitors center. And he went through it all "2 investigators, 2 fellowship, and me and my comp ... oh you can only reserve seats for you and your investigators? ... can you put us down for 6 anyways? ... Thanks!" Then she asked if we were in the Mesa Mission and he said "No way! Tempe!" he almost said "Tempe Baby!" And she laughed and said sorry. But anyways, we go to the pagent and we're in the visitors center picking up our tickets and this lady dressed up to be in the pagent pulls Chuck aside and is like "Do you want to take a picture with some of the cast!?" and after some struggle convinces him. This is very smart on the mesa mission side! Then Chuck and his girlfriend get pulled into a long line where the girl starts talking to them about everything. The pagent. The missionaries. The everything. It was awesome. She said "I play 'follower of Christ', I do that every day, but now I get to dress up for it." After that, Elder Parrott and I looked at each other and complimented her on that line. She was totally helping us out. She was agressive as a temple sister! I hope it helped Chuck's girlfriend, because thats who we were trying to focus on. Then the pagent was amazing! It went through the whole life of Jesus Christ, and almost everything from the Bible. I dont even know how to describe how awesome it was. You just have to see it. Then at the end, Jesus gets lifted up into the sky on this pedistool, but it looks like he's floating! Theres nothing above it, its on the top of the stage and he just starts to float. Then it goes all dark and music starts to play. It was awesome in every single way. And Chuck and Diane really liked it too.

But then I left this morning and now I'm in Queen Creek! Exciting news in the mission, they just formed a new zone! Its like the split Queen Creek and another zone. And Elder Gunter is the Zone Leader there!

Anyways, gotta go!

Love Elder Feller
The Gilbert Zone!
The Easter Pagent
The first thing Elder Parrott told me when we moved into the Anderson's guest house was "She likes Christmas and Unicorns... and rifles"
All packed.


  1. Transferred, and I just sent his Easter package to his old address this morning :(