Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Daniel vs New Investigators

Date: Mon, 2 May 2011 11:02:08 -0700
This week has been pretty good. I'm getting to know the area. Its hard because every street and house looks the same..
But more importantly! We had an awesome week because we got some new investigators!
First, The Mongane family. (MON-GONE-EEE) The dad moved to America from The Congo 6 years ago, joined the church while translating for the missionaries in Virginia, then moved to Arizona. So he's been through the Temple and all. The mom and kids just got here from Africa a couple weeks ago. They want to join the church! So we started teaching them. She has lots of questions. She just wants to be sure. And she has every right to that! My favorite question she had was "Why did the plates have to be translated into English if it took place in the Americas. Think about that from an African's perspective. Its really cool to teach them. We're hoping to baptize them this month! 
Also, Bro. Powell. He's what we call a "dry Moromon" meaning he has a calling in scouts, does everything with the ward, just isnt baptized. The real reason is because his parents are catholic and he's very attatched to them. And they're VERY catholic. But my companion challenged him to take the lessons after the easter pagent, he prayed about it, and so he's meeting with us. His wife is pretty excited too. So we're working on that. 
Lots of other cool things going on. During the hot day, I get this sweet sweat stains on my shirts where my back pack goes. I know, its only may! The hottest 3 months are still to come! But still. I'm fighting that off.
Not too much else happened this week. We're working on getting these kids dad ready to baptize them at the end of the month. We taught them the ten commandments this week, and the dad had an experiance with his Grandpa that helped his testimony. So we're excited about that. Hopefully it goes through because we set a goal date of the 28th, but we still have to have the bishop clear the dad to baptize them. So we're praying hard!
Elder Parrott told me our shirts are ready so expect that next week!
Elder Feller

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  1. Dry Mormons are so hard yet so much fun! I wish you lots of luck and support as you proceed with him. I know you can show him how much the gospel means in our lives. :)