Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 10:41:45 -0700
This week was a little better than last. But it was still pretty boring.
The most exciting thing that happened was our lesson with the Mongane family. We taught the first few principles of the Commandments lesson, then talked a lot about baptism. We almost had them on date! But the little 8 year old was like "I dont think I'm ready..." Which is funny because the daughters are tottally ready. The mom is really shy and its hard to get her to open up and tell us whats up. She did say that we could stop asking her to pray because she already knows its true, we're just teaching her, like its a class. Awesome to hear. We were hoping for this up coming weekend. I dont know if its going to happen. Unless we just surprise them this friday and say "how about tomorrow?" That might work because when we tried to set a date, the dad, who is a member already, said we can choose a date like a doctor chooses a date for a pregnat woman, but we wont know when they will be ready. I wanted to say, "no, its like a birthday party. We set a date, invite everyone, and then get ready for the party." But I didnt. We're working on it. The mom also asked who would baptize them, and our fellowship turned to the husband and said, "well?" and he went off about how anyone can baptize them. Then we clarifired. But yeah. Maybe next week we'll have a surprise baptism. They are tottally ready.
Oh here is the blog about the family coming to america:
Its an awesome story.
Today is the first day of week 6! Last week of the transfer. Its gone by really fast!
Brother Powell was at church! That was really exciting. I think he's close. But he's got a big last bridge to cross. His family... But we didnt get to teach him this week. It was a crazy week for them.
Also, we've had pizza like 5 nights in a row, then Lazagna, then this pasta thing two nights in a row. Last night, a family invited us on the whim to come over and eat carne asada tacos with them. I had to go. I needed to eat something else! hahaha.
Elder Feller

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