Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daniel vs The Second Transfer!

Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 10:34:58 -0700
Helllllooooo from Queen Creek. Transfers are tomorrow and I'm not even going to the meeting. Elder Baird and I are going round two in the QC! Which is exciting because we're hoping to baptize like 6 people this coming transfer. But we'll get to that in the upcoming weeks.
By the way, I did not get any calls last night. No trainer or District Leader calls. BUT ELDER LESH DID! our beloved district leader Elder Lesh is becoming a zone leader and leaving Queen Creek.
Last week was pretty good. Not much to tell. Brother Powell went to Yuma this weekend to "discuss some things" with his parents. We took that as meaning he's telling his parents he wants to be baptized. So we've been praying for that to be a good experience for him. The Mongane family moved to queen creek, which is good. They still don't live in our area but they go to our ward. No one tells a stubborn little man from Africa what to do! We're hopefully be planning their baptism as well when we meet with them on Wednesday. We met with the Wilkins family finally! They are doing awesome and we're going to dinner and the visitors center with them tonight. Bro Wilkins met with Bishop on Sunday so hopefully he'll be ready to baptize his kids pretty soon.
Other than that I slept terribly last night, so I'm not in the mood to write a lot. I'm kicking my missionary work up a few gears this transfer so expect big things!
Elder Feller!
PS! The Nerd Award! I forgot to tell you. There is a ten year old girl in one of our wards that gives all the missionaries a test to see if they are a nerd or not. Its pretty funny. I passed the test the first night I was here, and I finally got my certificate! It is show bellow.
Elder Lesh's last district meeting!
My Nerd Award!
Elder Baird and I
The Broom game! You spin around staring at a broom and then drop the broom and try to jump over. Its harder than it looks...

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  1. This video is just disturbing... Actually it is pretty hilarious but what were you thinking!!! LOVE IT!