Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Daniel VS The Worst Week Ever

Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 10:50:59 -0700

Not much to report this week. We hardly had any lessons because 8 we had set up canceled. Pretty much no good or exciting ones. The Monanges had to cancel friday and then didnt make it to church because they are super sick. We probably arent teaching them again untill next friday.

So I spent a lot of time biking arround in the heat. Until Friday when Elder Baird's bike broke. We spend some time fixing it, and then it happened again. Totally busted.

So saturday comes arround and some more stuff cancels on us. We had to speak an active members 8 year old kids baptism... Not to fun. It was pretty awkward and pretty bad. hahaha. We spend a lot of time biking arround, talking to all our ward leadership and stuff, prepping for Sunday and then at night, I was riding down the street, Chandler Heights Road to be exact, I was riding with no hands and I look back at my companion who was messing arround, then I look ahead and there's a little drainage ditch (See picture bellow) perpedicular to the sidewalk and I grab my handlebars trying to avoid it and I fall right into it. Of course, I kicked the curb with my shin, trying toget it back. That backfired, it just took of some skin and left a bruse. Then my thigh and my handlebars met, and I have a bruse there too. Then I fell off the front of my bike and hit the grass with mostly my right arm, wich is now sore. But have no fear, My helmet is ok. It did not hit anything. Dont worry. So I rolled off my bike to the right and sat on the curb untill my companion caught up with me and I had him take a picture. Seen below. Pretty sweet first crash of my mission I would say.

Then Sunday no one was at church and everyone canceled on us for the Mission President Fireside. So not much happened.

So, its been a rough week, but we're staying positive. As long as we're doing what God wants us to do, then there's no reason to be depressed right?


Elder Feller


1&2. Elder Lesh hopping the fence to let us out of a gated community while on exchanges.
My bike seat also broke off earlier this week.

Elder Parrott and I in T-Shirt form.
Me in the Ditch I fell in.
Chocolate pancakes on P-Day morning make it all better? 

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