Monday, May 9, 2011

Daniel vs Mother's Day

Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 10:58:31 -0700

Happy Mothers day everyone!
Last tuesday we taught the Wilkins family. It went super good. The dad is preparing to Baptize his kids, and the kids are super stoked. The bishop said he needed his testimony to grow first and so we focused on that. And in the week before the lesson he read 18 chapters of the Book of Mormon. He had a really spiritual experiance with it too. A scripture about the people being hard hearted hit him really hard. He realized thats what he used to be like and he doesnt want to do that anymore. His faith has increased so much and the family is keeping all their commitments. Next step: Baptism.
The Mongane family is doing really well too. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. She's been reading in the French Book of Mormon we got for them. I guess she understands that best. We have another lesson tonight at 5:00. Cutting into our P-Day. Tottaly worth it. I think she feels like she needs to know everything before she gets baptized. So we're working on all that.
We had a new investigator, Tori Andersen. She's a 16 year old girl that refered herself on She had been going to mutual with her friend for a while. I have no idea why no one there invited her to church or to be taught.. tsk tsk. But whatever. We had a good lesson, except her born-again christian friend was there, disagreeing with us a little bit. Whatever. She wont be there next time.
OH! I went on Exchanges with my good friend Elder Lesh. My companion in Chandler. We had a really good time. He told me all about what happened the transfer after I left. Here's a funny story: So we were teaching this guy Chris right? The boyfriend on a girl who's parents lived in our ward. Well, things with him were going really good, he was way into it. He would go on Wikipedia whenever someone new got introduced in the Book of Mormon and learn about the character. See what the looked like from the paintings, and go on like that. He even watched the Book of Mormon movie. The old terrible one. After I left, he wanted to get baptized, but his parents freaked out and he didnt want to disapoint them. So then later, his girlfriend dumped him, and so Elder Lesh met with him later at the church. He gave him some advice and they parted ways. I know, this doesn't sound funny at all, I'm getting to that. So, later, Elder Lesh finds out from his mom, who was talking with the mom of Chris's girlfriends family, and Elder Lesh's mom figures out that the reason his girlfriend left him was because her mom kept telling all her daughters that they needed to marry boys like these missionaries who kept coming over to their house, to teach her boyfriend. Pretty funny.
Anyways, We also had lunch with Elder Lesh's investigator. We planned on the lesson first. Well this investigator wanted to prove her sister that this church was right with the bible. We tell her you shouldnt do that you should just read and pray about the book of mormon. Thats not enough for her though, so Elder Lesh and I, but mostly Elder Lesh, take her on this wild goose hunt of scriptures though the whole bible that talk about the apostacy of the early church and the restoration of this church, for 2 hours. The whole time I'm just thinking "Shut up, I just want some food" So we finnaly get back to the point, "you're just going to ahve to read and pray about it" and she's like "ooohhhhh" Such a pain. But it worked. Untill the next time she talked to her sister. Ahh, so frustrating. But whatever.
Well that was my week. Sunday I called my mom for mothers day. That was fun. I hung up and my companion talked for like an hour and a half more.
Thats it!
Elder Feller

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  1. I hated when comps would try and show them that they were wrong in the bible and I would sit there so angry! I wanted to get out of there too! Glad you felt the prompting to just remind them that they had to find out for themselves. It truly makes you crazy when you want to lose it on your comp! Oh well!
    Glad you got to talk to the family! Wish we could have said hi! :) Hi!
    Have a good week!