Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daniel vs Mormons

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 10:26:01 -0700

So recently we have been preparing the Arizona area for the new add campaign from the church "I'm a Mormon." and The church is going to be pumping tons of adds into the TV, Internet, and billboards here. We're really excited! They have asked every member and missionary to make a profile. I'm really excited because they have done this in other areas and have seen good results, but this time, they are fixing their mistakes. Previously, they haven't prepared the members to be ready when the adds come through, because studies have shown that the biggest result from the campaign was 54% of members were approached by non-members and asked the question "Why is your church doing this?" So the church, through the ward leadership has sent out a presentation that we saw in every ward as to how to prepare to do missionary work when the opportunity comes. Problem is, in my mind everyone around me is stupid and doesn't know what to do! We had a ward completely skip the "what to do when you're approached" Steps. But, the Mission President is on my side and in Zone Conference last Friday we talked about what more we have to do to get ready. They asked us to meet with every member again, emphasize the points and role play talking to their friends with them. We have like 1000 people in all our wards and so we're going to be doing this in church meetings. I'm so happy! This is the perfect excuse to teach them member missionary work, and the perfect reason for them to listen! Statistically, 54% of them will be approached, but in Queen Creek I think that will be higher, and my goal is to have every member talk to people, by approaching them! So we're setting goals and making plans for that. The Elder Feller & Elder Krueger trainings will start next Sunday and... never stop. Member missionary work is way to important.

Other news, Everything is going pretty good.

We went to the Mesa Temple Visitors Center with the Mendoza family. They loved it. Every bit of it. Then on Wednesday we taught them the commandments, and she was drinking a Iced Tea while we were doing it, when we taught it, she was bummed, and then just simply put it on the ground. It was an awesome lesson. Then this morning we got weird text messages because her mom was telling her all this crazy stuff about how we believe God is from Outer Space, and we believe in moon men and all this crazy stuff. We resolved all that. It was cool because she kept saying "us Mormons" and "we". I could tell where her heart was. We talked about how you feel when you go to church or meet with us, compared to when she hears that garbage. She agreed and we're back on track. I was worried for a second because I got up in priesthood yesterday and announced the baptism and told everyone how it came from a simple invitation, and they can all do that as well.

Lindsey is also doing good. The bishop still messed things up with her and her husband and we're working on that. I wont go into too much detail. But on the positive she called us last night and gave us a new date that she, her husband, and the bishop decided for her to be baptised on.

Jacob is doing good too. He's having trouble talking to his parents... Understandably. He's in a really tough position, and since he's not moving forward to much, we're afraid of him moving backwards... But he'll do good. He's a good kid.


Elder Feller

...And I'm a Mormon.

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  1. I love the new campaign! I think it will do great though things for the church!
    Keep going strong! We are all feeling the blessings of your service!