Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Daniel vs Nice Weather

Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 10:49:53 -0700

This past week has been pretty slow. We had a lot of cancelled apointments and people were so sick of the heat that there was no one outside. But starting on friday the weather got nicer. It was only 100 degrees outside at the hottest part of the day. We were hoping to talk to a bunch of people on saturday when the weather was a little nicer but only mormon people were outside! So it was a rough week. Not too much happened.
Lindsey cancelled on us this week because she was having an argument with her husband that day and didnt want to pull us into it. The situation is still rough there, but I think the bishop is feeling the pressure on him to get it together. He basically created a problem... and theres nothing we can do fix it. I talked to our ward Mission Leader, Bro. Larsen about it on saturday, and he was just as mad as me, if not more.. It was really funny because he was trying to maintain a neutral position, because he has to live here forever... but we could tell. We we went to give him the progress record and he said "I'll crumple it up and throw it in his face and say 'wow, I didnt know there was a form for regression!'" It was pretty funny. But, through it all, Lindsey is still strong and wanting to be baptized. She's pretty confused and shook up still, but she's still on the right track. She was sick this week and couldnt make it to church... 
The Mendoza's are doing awesome! We had a lesson with them on wednesday, and dinner with them and another family sunday, and we rescheduled going to the Mesa Temple Visitors Center for tonight. So we're really excited about that. They want to leave a little early and take us to Weinersnitzel because Elder Krueger has never heard of it before... They are planning on being baptized on the 24th of September, but we might have to move it a day because of the General Releif Society Meeting. I told the Ward Mission Leader to just move it and he said he'd call the Prophet. But thats ok, they still are doing awesome, and really want to be baptized.
One of the guys we live with ordered 150 pounds of ties. So we've opened all of them and have made a huge ball of all the extra ugly ties. Its massive... but remains unfinished. Pictures next week.

Not too much else, but I have a bunch of pictures since I forgot my camera the last few weeks!
Elder Darrington's backpack sweat
Elder Darrington and I transfer morning...
Elder Krueger and a spikey tree.
P-Day bounce house.
All the ties.
Vaccum sealed bag

Elder Krueger in some of the Ties. This picture does not do the ammount of ties justice.


  1. That is a serious amount of ties! Wow! I just read your vs. Mormons and thought it was great. I've noticed this campaign for quite sometime on some of the blogs that I follow. I think it's great. I expect that it will be well recieved in Arizona. Keep us updated on how that goes. Love ya!

  2. Those ties are ridiculous! Are there good ones in there or are they all bad ones??? WOW!
    And a good bounce house? Seriously??? LOL!