Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daniel vs A Baby Boy

Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:57:42 -0700

Transfer Results: I'm staying in Queen Creek and training a brand new missionary! My first "son"! Its pretty exciting. I'm kinda bummed I have to stay in this area again, but at least I get to finish what I started! And I really think training is going to be good for me. Especially in this area. It will give me a lot of new excitement and motivation.

I cant even remember what happened this week...

We taugth Lindsey twice. They both went good. Kinda. The first time she started with an email some preacher sent her... Which was all completely false, (Except he said Mormons believe baptism to be essential... that's true, because Jesus said so: John 3:5) and then her fellowship got into it with her about baptisms for the dead. I was pretty frustrated, so I just waited it out until they would let us start the lesson. We started, and funny enough, we were teaching the plan of salvation, with an emphasis on the spirit world! WOW! So we worked it out pretty good. The lesson went well, except she hasn't been feeling good and got a massive killer headache at the end, so she kinda zoned out. But we taught her again Friday and I discerned that her baptism for the dead concern is because in the past she received a spiritual witness that her grandfather is in "heaven". Hmmm. Its a tricky one. But no big. The second time we taught her last week her less active husband sat in and was pretty positive. It was a really good lesson, but she was sick Sunday and couldn't go to church!

Jacob is still afraid of what his parents will think and is still looking for an opportunity to talk to his parents. But, he got a stress fracture on his food and is out of cross country and football for the rest of the season. All his new free time gives him lots of opportunities to talk to his parents. Just saying. Maybe after he does it I'll heal John Tanner style. (Lame church movie reference)

Bro. Powell came back from his business trip, and to everyones surprise, brought his parents with him! So we actually got to meet them. They were very nice and asked us lots of questions about missionary work, because their step-grandson is going to Zimbabwe in November. We talked and then we were asked to share a message. We read Alma 32 and testified of the Book of Mormon, then Elder Darrington went nuts and pulled out Moroni 10:3-5, testified, and challenged them to read the Book of Mormon. It was interesting to watch the reason our investigator wont get baptised respond to that. He talked about how he's read some of it, and also the Koran, and challenged us to read the Koran when we get back. Which doesn't make any sense because he's Catholic...But he was very impressed by us and our faith.

I'm excited to stay in Queen Creek. I've got a grudge against this area and I will come off the victor! Even if it takes 6 months! Maybe 7.5 months because training is usually a 2 transfer call. But we should have a few baptisms. OH! Elder Lesh is the new AP! Man I miss that guy. But I'll see him soon.

Elder Feller

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  1. Daniel! I'm glad you got to stay in your area. I'm sure great things will happen. Dave was just telling me how his area that he kept staying in was called Kingaroy (in Australia). He said he tracted in that town every door 5 times. He met amazing people there and he said it made him a stronger missionary. I just read your letter from today (vs. food) and I loved it. So, are you saying that I shouldn't feed the missionaries too much food?! I always thought that I should shower them with it. Maybe just send them with leftovers. ;) It's good to hear that things are going well with Lindsey. I can't wait to hear about it in your next letter. We love you and pray for you every night.