Monday, August 8, 2011

Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2011 11:10:33 -0700
Daniel vs The Time Change
This week was the same as usual. Last P-Day we went to a huge indoor sports facility and played football and soccer on a turf field for like 4 hours. I was so sweaty and sore! For the next three days I limped around, and Elder Darrington and I biked slooow. It was really fun though. I had to play Goalie during soccer because no one else would, and this Elder from new Zealand, who played competitive soccer back home, juked me pretty good. I hurt my left ankle because of it, but he didn't score!
I went on exchanges with one of our Zone Leaders. His companion has a hernia and can only work 4 hours a day. He goes home in two weeks anyways. So he's toughing it out. But Elder Hoy gets to go on exchanges with someone everyday, while their companion baby sits his companion. He's from Sacramento too, so we had a good time. 
This Sunday, all our church times changed! Previously, we had been going to the Hawes Ward at 9, then Montelena and Desert Wells wards were both at 11 in different buildings! It made it hard, because we have nothing going on in the Hawes ward, but some stuff going on in both of the wards. But the time changed this week, so we went to Desert Wells at 9, Hawes at 11, and Montelena at 1... So we got to church from 9 to 4 every week. Its crazy. 
So we had an appointment with Lindsey last week, (The one the relief Society president told us about) but, to my dismay, the Bishop canceled it so he could talk with her and her less active husband first... Fortunately, it worked out well. When they told him we were going to start teaching her, he said, "I'd really like to be a part of that" so we're planning on teaching both of them now! Tuesday night!
We had a good lesson with Bro. Powell last night. We talked about the blessings of baptism. He asked us the dreaded question "Do you think that I don't have the spirit with me all the time right now?" Its a hard question to help people understand, but we did a good job. He said "I think I'm on that track" But we know its going to take some time. He really needs to talk to his parents, that's the kicker!
We're working on it!
Elder Feller

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  1. That is one long day at church! I would probably be so frustrated about that.

    Good luck with Bro. Powell!