Monday, August 15, 2011

Daniel vs Week 6.

Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 10:58:58 -0700

I has been a crazy week!
Monday was P-day, then we had a good lesson with Bro. Powell. We talked about the blessings from baptism and the holy ghost and whats holding him back. He said he's "testing the waters" and the thinks baptism is "the path he's on" so we just have to push him a little farther there. His parents is still a hold up for him, so were going to work on that.
Tuesday was interviews and a sweet lesson! Interviews went good. I was like the second person to be interviewed. It was really good. We talked about my struggles with this area and everything right now. It went really well. Then the trainings from the other AP's and a crazy (but very good) Sister Missionary (We call her the Sister AP) went good. This Sister trained on finding and using members to help us. Everything she talked about were pretty good ideas.... If I was a woman. Pride you say? No, just honest evaluation. To be honest, and Elder can not do arts and crafts and be taken seriously. It didnt help that she indirectly called me out for a comment I made to her about how the ward leadership in my area refuses to listen to me. That just made me serious dislike of Sister Missionaries boil and swell. But those are my personal, and admittedly prideful feelings, please dont take them seriously. But to make it all better we had an awesome lesson with Lindsey. She investigated a year ago, but her inactive husband didnt like it. But she's back, and he wants to be involved too. The lesson went really well. She has tons of scattered questions and concerns, but they're easy to resolve. Keeping her on track is the biggest thing. Our new Ward Mission Leader came with us and he was getting really frustrated! But thats ok.
Wednesday we went to the temple, and then I got to go on exchanges with one of our Zone Leaders who has a hernia, and can only work a few hours a day. We got to hang out and watch some sweet old church movies while our companions went and worked. It was fun. I got the post-interviews scoop about the Queen Creek Zone from him too.
Sunday we went to church all day and I was exausted and starving after. But before we could go to dinner we taught Jacob a lesson at the church before he went home. It went really good. We learned that he wants to get baptized but wants to make sure his family is ok with it first. Understandable, but frustrating. All of our investigators have that right now!
Well its week 6 of the transfer so I dont know if I'm still going to be here a week and a half from now! I love a lot of people here, and have worked with them a lot, so it would be sad to leave. But it would be nice to leave and get to a new area with more potential. I found out that President told the Zone Leaders that Elder Darrington and I have probably one of the toughest areas in the mission... And I've been here for 4 months! So I dont know. But Dare-Bear thinks he's getting transfered out of here so we'll see!
Since I've been here a while, and ran out of things to take pictures of, I took some pictures of my best ties to show you guys!
Elder Feller
More ties
The sky goes crazy in Arizona
Darrington reading the new scout book in the library. 


  1. I love the ties! I really need to hit DI for you. You are just so particular about what an ugly tie can look like. Not too ugly...but just odd enough to be interesting. (Not that I'm calling any of your ties ugly! ;) I'm sure that if you get transferred you will love it and if you don't you will make the best of it. Love you!

  2. Dear Daniel,

    Your ties are sure ugly!