Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daniel vs Food

Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 11:12:21 -0700

This week was pretty fun. It was super hot again, which is typical, but all the natives were freaking out because it was a record August. It was 117 the day I got my new companion. His name is Elder Krueger, and he's from Long Island, NY. He's the only 19 year old Mormon from Long Island, so I guess Im pretty lucky. He branch back home is pretty small so when we watched all three of our huge, young, Arizona wards fill up on Sunday, he didnt even know what to do. It was really funny.

Before Elder Darrington left, we were able to have a lesson with Lindsey. We went in with the goal of resolving her concern about "baptisms for the dead" and, honestly to my surprise, we did it. We built the lesson plan backwards from the first three lessons, talked about how baptism was essential, then about how it fit into the plan of salvation, and about how the spirit world worked, and how all of this is bassed on the foundation of the restoration of the Gospel, and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet, and if the Book of Mormon is true then everything we say is true. Then I asked, "How do you feel about the Book of Mormon?" and she said she felt it was true, and then Elder Darrington asked her how she felt about Baptism, and she turned to us and said with a smile, "Well, I think its essential." And I laughed because that what we had been just telling her. And I said, "How about for yourself?" and she said yes, and I told her we had been praying about a day for her to be baptized on, and we had come up with September the 10th. She said she would pray about it and get back to us. But everyone knows what happens when you pray about getting baptized... You get baptized.

Not much else happened this week. The next most exciting event that happened was we had to "Double-Dinner" on sunday... We didnt really have too, but it was way too good to pass up. Our Ward Mission Leaders son, Eben, who drives us places and is a good friend, had his mission farewell sunday, he's going to Columbus Ohio. Well a TON of non-members came to church to watch him and they all went to his house right after Sacrament, so he gave us a ride over so we could mingle (but really so we could eat). They had Costa Vida style buritos. There was tons of food and Elder Krueger and I ate two buritos each. Then we had a quick lesson with Jacob after church, and we had dinner just two hours later. It was really good but we could hardly eat. But it wasnt too bad, because it was one of those families that doesnt feed you a ton of food, which we really appriciate. But then the brownies and ice cream for desert... I so hard to finish! I was able to do it, but not my companion. I thought I was going to lose it though. So we shared a quick message, and went back to the house for a few minites, untill we felt a little better.

Elder Krueger is a stud! The new MTC training program is awesome, so he came out pretty prepared. I'm just working on getting him more experiance, between it being 117, and a monsoon, we havent had a ton of talking with people experiance. But we're working on it...

Sorry I forgot my camera again! Pictures next week.

Elder Feller

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  1. You will make a great trainer! It sounds like you got a very committed and exciting "son." It sounds like you are going to rock that area like crazy!