Friday, August 13, 2010

Daniel vs the First Day

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  1. I wish you lots of luck with your "Stranger Danger" complex... You are hilarious!
    Stephen and Debbie Walter

  2. In Case you can't read the letter it says:

    So technically yesterday was my first day, but today was my first full day so I added an "s" to the first day title. Yeah so entering was pretty crazy. These nice old ladies pushed me through all these lines and handed me all this stuff. I got my name tag. That was super fun. Then I met my comp. His name is Elder Carpenter. He is from Denver. Our whole district is cool and we are all going to Tempe except 3/4 of the sisters. Our teachers, Sister Dunn and Brother Something, are awesome. Yesterday was just intro, but today Sister Dunn gave a great lesson where I think we all realized that we need to love everyone as Children of God. I think this was a huge step in overcoming my hatred of talking to strangers. I just don't like it. But, I understand the importance of it as a missionary and am willing to do whatever it takes, including getting over my stranger danger issues. Speaking of, I didn't even think this would be an issue before but the whole no
    free/alone/relaxation/anything time has started to get to me on day 1. I realized that this whole missionary thing is not my thing and waay out of my comfort zone. But I hope I can do it.

    Oh and SHAME ON YOU ALL for not writing me on my first day. It is called "" and it is easy. And speaking of mail I didn't have a towel or hangers...that sucked. I used my emergency money all ready. It was a shower emergency.

    So mail me stamps, a big nice towel, letters and hangers. Maybe. I have some. Whatever. LIsten to the spirit. OH! and most important I have no addresses.. I need that please.

    I guess "love" even though you don't love me because I got no letters.

    Elder Feller

  3. So, in fairness to me, the mom, I asked Daniel before he left if he wanted letters or emails and he stated, firmly, that he would prefer emails. And, I didn't know about "" at the time. We repented of our mistake and he got plenty of letters from the first week on.