Friday, August 13, 2010

Daniel vs the State of Arizona

August 12, 2010

So I flew into Arizona yesterday morning at 8:30. I dont even know what to about the MTC except what I said in a written letter. Just scan it and put it on the blog before this one. Uh. Arizona is hot. but not as hot as I thuoght it would be. Aparently it was a cool 100 degrees when we flew in. We were picked up from the airport and greeted the president. Got all our bags and piled into a huge van, suv and a car. We drove back to the mission house and they took pictures of us... Then were fed an awkward and nervous breakfast. Then the Asistant's to the President talked to us for a little while. They kept making jokes and I couldnt tell if they were serious. We got a lot of instruction about mission stuff... I dont really remember it. I was pretty tired. Then they gave us our "red handbook" which is a Tempe Arizona mission thing only. It has a ton of extra stuff and references. Then we went to the Mesa temple... serriously just down the street from the Tempe Mission home... Kinda weird. We went though the visitors center and looked at the outside of the temple. Its a really pretty temple. And they told us about how it is one of our greatest resources because people can visit and feel the spirit anytime. The displays were great too. There was one painting of a Virgin from the parable of the 10 virgins who was holding a lamp that seemed to glow. but it was a painting! The guy in charge talked to us and told us that the artist mixed flourecent material into the paint, then he turned off the lights and we could still kinda see the lamp. it was so cool! Then we went to dinner at a members home. uhhh... it was awkward. But good. Then we went back to the stake center/mission home and families picked us up for us to stay at their house...

and then and then and then ... I know, but so much happened that I dont even know how to explain it.

Bro. Jones was his name. He drove us in his truck and asked us what we wanted for dinner. We said we ate dinner at some family and he asked what we had. I said "taco salad" and he said "thats not dinner" and took us out to a mexian restaunt. It was good, "authentic" as he said. But I'm from California and didnt need to be told that... But it was so good compared to the lukewarm mtc food. And I left so full. We got to his house and he said the bishop was coming over to give him a new calling. And also, a lady was coming over because she needed a blessing. He told us he wasnt even going to get dressed up because he had 4 missionaries over, and a bishop, who could do the blessing. We met with the bishop, and then the lady came over. They had me seal the anointing because I'd never done a blessin before. I was pretty nervous so I basically read it from the mission handbook. and then we all stood in the circle as the bishop gave her an amazing blessing. It was a really cool and spiritual experiance. We went to sleep, woke up, I showered in their awesome shower. I had two heads on different sides, one was detatchable, and also six water jets on the sides of the controlls that shot out water if you switched it. It was crazy! We went to the church and waited for the transfer meeting. We all came in and sat down on one side of the chapel and the trainers were on the other side. When he finally started reading the names, we would stand up and hug in the middle and sit down. My trainer is Elder Cromwell from Rexburg Idaho. He's quiet, which is what I was not hoping for, but I'm with him for a reason I guess. He's a good guy though. He's been out 19 months and this is his first time being senor companion, district leader, and whitewashing an area. Which is going into an area with two new missionaries. Its hard because you dont know anyone or anything. Ok, this is where it gets good. We also got our area's. Are you ready to know where I am right now. I'd have you all guess, but I cant answer back. I'll give you a hint. Its not Tempe. Its not Yuma. duhn duhn dunh! I'm in Saint John Arizona, up in the North East corner, in the White Mountains. Its a mild 84 degrees outside right now. Its a tiny little town, a little bigger than Melba Idaho, the smallest town I've been to. Think like... Battle Mountian nevada size. I think... Our mission car is a Truck, a chevy Colorado. Small, but awesome. And I live in the most ghetto awesome missionary house ever. There's all sorts of art on the walls from a huge poster of the Christus statue, to those pictures that three people draw togeather with a head, middle, and a back. You know when you fold it three times. Its awesome! We ate dinner on the way in at a recent convert's house. He also drove us up. He was an amazing person. He always searched for truth, and did a ton of Native American religious stuff, like sundances and whatever. He converted a year ago, and now he loves the missionaires. The food was good... I guess.. but kinda werid tasting. I hope thats just that house. hahaha. We were home last night for like 5 mins and some members brought over food. So I think they're really nice. This morning was an average morning, we had comp study, and because he's my trainer, he had to go over the "Lock your heart" talk... It was interesting... But kinda scary. Then we played with his rope on a roping dummy shaped like a cow outside untill Elder Gunter came to show us arround. He came, took the rope, and nailed the cow. He's a professional. He did rodeos and stuff before his mission. Then we came to the Family History center, where I'm writing this. Thats basically it. I forgot my camera, So I'll send all my MTC pictures next week. Plus some of my house and whatever else...

Thats it!

Love Elder Feller


  1. I can't believe you got to go to the mountains!

  2. Lock your heart Daniel!
    It looks like you will be eating quite well for the remainder of your mission. :)
    Steve and Debbie