Friday, August 13, 2010

Daniel vs the Travel Plans

Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2010 10:01:32 -0600
Subject: Re: Hey Elder!

Hey this is for the blog. and you guys.

Ok, so the mtc is flying by quickly. I already have my travel plans. on Tuesday the 10th I get to the Salt Lake air port at like 5 in the morning, then fly at 8. Arizona is back an hour because they hate Benjamin Franklin so I'll get there basically when I leave. Plus or minus a few minutes.

Classes are great here. But its weird to think that I'm leaving soon. The people learning english learn so much more about teaching than the people learning another language. Like these Elders going to Madagascar in my Zone only learn the lessons and what to say and their testimony is "Malagasy" or something. I dont know how to spell it. My Zone is awesome. I got to host new missionaries coming in yesterday and I hosted a guy going to texas who lived in our zone, so on my floor basically right next to me. I told him all I knew about the MTC which is surprisingly alot... Stuff like dont drink 10 chocolate milks in 1 day, like one of my roommmates did. Or dont ever EVER eat the hot dogs like I made the mistake of doing. It was sweet! Uh but in class we learn how to teach effectivley. We especially rely on the spirit to teach, which is good because I'm probably the weakest teacher without it. Wow, typing is getting hard. I've lost my finger muscles I guess. anyways, so we learn how to teach. Thats basically all I can really say about it without typing out my notes or something... Im worried because I dont know how to do "door aproaches" and stuff.. I guess I'll learn from my trainer? Cool... Who I meet in less than a week! Oh my gosh. Scary stuff.

So we have two investigators at something called the TRC. Basically we go there and teach volunteers like they're real people investigating the church and we just walked into their home. then we leave and get no feed back from them... But there's a camera in the room so our teacher can watch it. Its scary. It reminds me of Monsters Inc. Because we all stand out side of the doors, preping, doing our Micheal Phelps warm ups, and then are like "welp, good luck" and then basically walk into different worlds to collect "Spirit" instead of Screams. Yeah. I made that up. But Me and Elder Carpenter have done good every time. One family we teach, Arnold and Sydney Young, are pretty interested. At least she is. She's facinated by the Book of Mormon and believed in it pretty much before she even read it. She heard stories about how the native americans thought that Cortez was "the great white God returning" and she said "they knew things they shouldn't know." But he's just really chatty... Even though he likes it and us. We met with them for the last time, and our teacher sister dunn said we were too nice and didn't try to make them make commitments hard enough.. Which I guess is half true. Lesson learned. Our other investigator is named Birgita and she's from Switzerland or something. She said she just wants to know about our church, and has no interest in being baptized, but I think we made her feel the spirit and become more interested last time. It was great. We meet again with her tomorrow. Hopefully we do good.

Uh yeah... Not much else happens here even though its really busy. Beach volley ball every gym time is amazing. This one new elder going to Madagascar can jump so his chest is above the net. He's awesome. We also sing Disney songs in the showers sometimes because it sounds really good in there. My teacher is a democrat, and he assumes I'm just another racist uneducated republican, which I guess is ok, because I assume he just wants to "care about people" (in quotes for a reason) and be cool with his friends. I told him I'm very educated and dont like to align myself with the republican party because a lot of the leaders are straight idiots. So... Whatever. I told my mom I wouldnt talk about politics and its hard.

Oh one good thing me and Elder Carpenter did is set a goal to have a good day. This came from
having multiple bad days. So we set a goal, like we're taught to do, had an amazing day. And now I write it down as one of my goal every day.

Thats it. I'm running out of time.

-Elder Daniel Feller

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  1. Ok! This is the funniest letter so far! Only you would get involved in talking politics in the MTC! So funny!
    I also like the comparison of the TRC to the Monster's Inc. experience. That was awesome!
    So funny! Have fun!
    Stephen and Debbie Walter