Friday, August 13, 2010

Daniel vs the First Week

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  1. Sorry you were sick! We are so happy you had a great District and Comp in the MTC. That is awesome! Don't eat food from unknown sources in Arizona!!!!
    Stephen and Debbie Walter

  2. Again, If you can't read this it says:

    Daniel Vs. The First Week:

    This week has been looong! Each day was long but it seemed like the week was short. I'm sitting on the floor of the laundry room right now, waiting for my shirts. They are dirty!

    Um, some basic things. My district is awesome! We have fun and work which is the best way to do it! I get along great with my companion. It's really like we fill in each other's weaknesses, which is really nice, and testimony building because every companionship is llike that. It's really cool.

    The MTC is great. I love it least until the other night when I got super sick from something I ate. Like really sick. Like everything IN me wanted to be OUT sick.. So, I'm more careful of what I choose to eat now.

    It's weird going by "Elder Feller" and calling everyone else Elder or sister. But I like it. Were not supposed to say "guys" or "dude" and we've been doing good at it, except the other night when our district leader did it 10 times in front of the Branch President. Which is a big No-No.

    We have Saturday night gym! It's the greatest time. It's like a Saturday night fiesta. We play sand volley ball! Our district DESTROYED! Plus we had this Elder Reave. He is a beast. He named our team "Mongols" and kept screaming it, then talking about quiet dignity. He's going to Mongolia. Oh! and so are our zone leaders. Elder Salley, he's a stud. He's the greatest guy ever. I don't even know how to describe him. He's just a great guy. Always happy and he's learning Mongolian, which is like Russina Chinese!

    Also, I met this guy, Elder Clark who was supposed to go to Madasgasgar on Tuesday, but he hurt his knee so he'sstill here on crutches. It sucks, but he's so aweome and positive about it. I told him I was sorry about it, and he was like "it's all right. It just means I get to stay here with you elders". and right then I was like "this guys is awesome"

    We just started learning about the lessons on Wednesday. weird right? I've been here a week! But we spent the first week getting to know people. I guess it's that important. I thought about nami0ng this weeks letter "Daniele vs the Depths of the Ocean" because we've been practicing "deep quesitons". Me and Elder Carpenter are getting good. And we're not scared to talk to strangers anymore because we have to talk to 10 at least every day. Our TRC appointment went great! We both left feeling awesome and confident! I've become at least a 10x better teacher in just a week. Also, it's weird to follow the spirit in everything you say. It's nice though. It makes teaching easier and fun.

    Well tha's pretty much all I got.


    Elder Feller

    PS. Things I need
    *P day shirts (I just need one - now I only have 1
    * White socks
    *My blue vans. I miss them
    Oh and please no food until I leave the MTC. I am so full all the time. Save it for when I am in Arizona.
    *Money for the MTC store. (I get 40% off if you need anything...)