Tuesday, August 17, 2010

St. Johns

August 17, 2010

Saint Johns is a cute little town. Actually thats a lie. When I'm not pretending not to be racist, I would say that white trash is my least favorite type of people. And there's quite a few houses like that here. But not everyone, so thats good. Just a lot of hard working farm or powerplant people, and some white trash. My biggest problem with Saint Johns is finding stuff to do. We visit everyone, and make apointments, but there's only like 4 good investigators left for us, and they keep canceling apointments and stuff. So I havent taught a discussion yet. I've talked and got to know a lot of people though. Some of our investigators and people from the ward. But its still hard. We rode our bikes for two hours last night and talked to no one. Ps my bike is awesome. Its a little bigger than I would've chosen, but thats because I my bike at home was always a little too small. and I liked it. One thing, the seat is really small. like only a few inches wide. And because of that, kinda uncomforatable... Maybe I'l fix that when I'm in a bike area in tempe or something. There's not much to say about this week because it was so un eventfull.

I have noticed whenever I'm in a country town I always want to become a cowboy. hahaha. Like, Elder Gunter and his greenie comp moved into our house with us. And Elder Gunter is a champion He ropes this cow dummy outside of our house all the time. And he's gonna teach me! So I might buy a rope and practice all the time. Maybe I'll try to cowboy for a summer when I get back... hahahaha. Maaaaaybe. Um. I'll keep this week short. Thats pretty much it this week besides our house being haunted. Soooooooo. Cool. I'm gonna send a bunch of pictures. now.

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